Today, The Audacious Epigone blogged about the Haidt Morality dimensions questionnaire and the “disgust” dimension. It’s interesting he brought this up because I thought a lot about this after taking the tests years ago. (Tests–

My sense is that one’s politics are intimately tied to one’s level and concentration area of disgust. The major thing that popped out to me when I took the Haidt disgust dimension test was my utter lack of disgust outside the “animal reminders” (dead animals, guts, remains). I believe that in my own case, however, that’s not disgust but exclusively fear of being reminded of my own death.

Libertarians lack both sexual “morality” and the “sanctity” aspect of disgust but retain the “fear of taint” type of disgust, which leads to a sense of paranoia among many with that bent. They share the taint dimension with Liberals. Look at the prevalence of fear of Flouride and vaccinations among the Paleolibertarians, for example. The political paranoia about cabals and conspiracies arise out of a sense that the government is “tainted” in the exact same manner, adulterated by occult, disease-like conspiracies, viral in nature and quite often discussed in similar terms as disease. Liberals are overdeveloped in the “fear of taint” dimension and that’s why they are always worried about food and “pollution” and magnets and things like that.

Both Liberals and Libertarians lack the “social hygiene” dimension and sexual morality dimension of disgust. These two aspects are overdeveloped in “Conservatives”. The “sexual morality” dimension explains the visceral conservative reaction to homosexuality and why they can never really rationally explain their inchoate horror at things like gay sex. Because it is based in a visceral disgust for which our liberTINE society has no regard, they have to dance around with words to come up with other justifications for why they hate gays and those explanations fall flat. They tend to reject “conspiracy theories” because that aspect of their cognitive style is already taken up by the first “conspiracy”, God. If you view their odd, baseless belief that same sex marriage “destroys traditional marriage” as based in the “social hygiene” aspect which views society as a body and likens novel social arrangements to invasive, invisible ailments that by nature corrupt the body and must be repelled–it makes a LOT more sense.

Liberals do not perceive society in body/disease terms but in terms of a story that can be written any way they want or a computer that can be programmed and is immune to viruses. Without the disease model of society they are incapable of conceiving of the conservative fear of novel arrangements.

The aspect of morality that is most overdeveloped in Liberals is “Harm” and that’s why they are congenitally incapable of understanding the Conservative opposition to things that are ostensibly “victimless”. Look at the standard Liberal response to any Conservative objection “who is it hurting?” or more to the point “How does it hurt YOU?”. To a Conservative, its hurting “Society”, to the radical individualist Libertarian and Liberal, “Society” as a superorganism either doesnt exist or can be rewritten at will, so no “victimless” social arrangement can do any conceivable harm.

This is why no one can talk to each other across the ideological divides, we are never speaking to each other in the same moral language.

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If Women “Love Children” Soooooooooo Much…

…why is it almost everything that’s considered a primary “Women’s Issue” revolves around preventing, aborting or postponing having children or ensuring they can have other people care for their children while they run off to do more fulfilling work. How do people reconcile these two obviously conflicting ideas?

I’m sure other people have made this observation before me in more eloquent terms, but in the face of the ludicrous campaign of the Democrats that Republicans are conducting a “War on Women” by not wanting FEDERAL FUNDS to subsidize their birth control and abortions, or even worse, not wanting to force religious institutions to fund their child-loving contraceptive practices, it keeps going through my mind over and over.

The new slogan of the Feminist movement should just be “Babies?? EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! What do you want me to do, ruin my life??” I’m going to print up bumperstickers

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Reply to a Comment Regarding Jews Speaking a Non-Indo-European Language And Why are Jews So Involved in the Left in the US

In the comments to my last post Drexler wrote:


The Irish, Italians, Germans, and English all speak an Indo-European language. They are all natives of the European continent, and they all share similar religious traditions (Christianity) The Jews are 0-3 on those things.

“KMac” and friends are trying to figure out why Jews are so heavily involved in things like Civil Rights, Gay Rights, Bolshevism in the early 20th century, Feminism, Neoconservatism, Liberalism, etc. It seems that any time a hateful ideology is assaulting the traditions of a society Jews make up a disproportionately large percentage of the vanguard of said ideology. It’s a good question. Kmac believes it is a evolutionary strategy, who knows?, I don’t claim to.

My response:

Ashkenazi Jews spoke YIDDISH from approximately the 10th century on in Europe. Yiddish is a low declension German dialect with some Slavic and Hebrew vocabulary. Hebrew was a dead liturgical language like church Latin until Theodore Herztl resurrected and reconstructed it as a modern spoken language in the late 19th century as part of the Zionist movement–so sorry, no dice–Jews speak a DISTINCTLY Indo-European language, no more or less than English or Afrikaans. My grandparents spoke YIDDISH at home and it was my mother’s first language. The first Jew in my family to learn spoken Hebrew was ME– whoops!

My grandmother was born in Poland in 1919. You had 3 choices as a Jew, be Orthodox, be a Communist, be a Zionist. That was it. There was no choice to be a “British classical liberal” a la Locke, there was no choice to be in the John Birch Society or study the US constitution. They came from a place with its OWN politics and brought those politics here, no more or less than the Italians and Irish did–BECAUSE THEY WERE EUROPEAN IMMIGRANTS JUST LIKE THEM. There was ALREADY A BURGEONING white COMMUNIST and PROGRESSIVE movement here–the SPECIFIC SUBSET OF JEWS who were CONTINENTAL COMMUNISTS brought their COMMUNISM with them here and MELDED IT with the ALREADY EXISTING communism here. They got involved in the labor and civil rights movements because they were COMMUNISTS not because they were JEWS. Communism is an atheistic Christian heresy.

You are right about them not sharing a religion, THAT’S WHY the culturally exhausted Jews of Eastern Europe converted en masse to COMMUNISM.   FOR THE FIRST TIME they were afforded the opportunity to enter a UNIVERSALISTIC, ALTRUISTIC, non-Jewish or Muslim religion WITHOUT accepting the faiths of the People’s who tried to FORCIBLY convert them. By converting to COMMUNISM instead of CHRISTIANITY they were finally able to shrug off their insular, ancient, alienating ethnic religion and JOIN and ASSIMILATE to a new paradigm. It was a REJECTION OF JUDAISM not part and parcel of it. The “right wing” Jews of Europe became ZIONISTS, not American Tea Party people, you know why? BECAUSE THEY WEREN’T IN AMERICA, they were in POLAND and LITHUANIA. Zionism was the “National Socialism” of the Jews. This reflects the ideological war of EUROPE at the time, Universalist Communism vs. ethnonationalistic Socialism, Guess which group came here? Hint: the answer is NOT THE ZIONISTS.

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Mini Annoyance Meltdown at Onestdv and Follow Up to Comments There

SO a post about how whites are starting to not fear speaking up about blacks at Onestdv’s place led to me having a bit of a dustup over the immediate responses blaming the jews. I wrote:

yep packs of wild blacks are killing and beating whites all over the country and I’m the asshole for being born a jew after the civil rights movement i had nothing to do with and don’t give a flying fuck about.

idee fixe much?

it will be the jews on the vanguard of the reaction, just like it was ostensibly jews on the vanguard of the civil rights movement, why–because jews are just usually on the vanguard of any movement and that’s why we get the blame. why don’t you all stop to ask why WHITE MEN have allowed these monkeys to cuckold the country for 50 years. 5 jews may have led the civil rights movement, or whatever, but WHO ROLLED OVER FOR THE HAG FEMINISTS AND SCHVUGS? you controlled it…what did you get out of turning it over, the promise of free pussy? better drugs? the next time some guy gets an urge to shoot up a bunch of cameltoe at an aerobics studio, why doesn’t he go down to 33rd and mantua and take a bunch of the real enemy out.

this is just getting annoying. im not a jew in 1964 . im not fucking abbie hoffman or bella abzug FUCK them, hitler should have killed their fucking parents. im american and i hate what this fucking asshole obama is doing to this country and i can’t take the lame dated “blacks are killing everyone and turning the US into detroit?? must be the jews!!!” bullshit anymore. whatever, who cares.

After a few days and a bunch of comments I felt compelled to write a follow up there that will probably never be seen, so I will reproduce it here for posterity:

for what its worth now that this thread is dead old and derailed–especially to lefty dan’s comment–

id rather be hated for the wrong reasons by these good white men who love their culture and want their country back than loved by race traitor, pussy-worshipping beta queer fag liberal douches for ANY reason.

i just think they are WRONG about “jews”, not evil, bad or crazy. when i hear PUA and man-o-sphere talk about how women think and act i say “yes, thats what we are like, its so true” because it reflects not only my experience of being a woman but my life of DEALING with them as a woman who thinks a lot like a man.

but when i read their descriptions of how “jews” think, it is alien and rings false after a LIFETIME of being raised in a jewy jewy world or jewish private school and jewish lefty folkies–i KNOW what we think of nonjews and i know what we think of ourselves and our place on the planet and you know what, theres a lot of it that’s no fucking good but NONE of it tracks what the kevin macdonald WN type people SAY we think and do.

now why is it everything the same types of men say about women rings true and everything they say about jews rings false? am i less inclined to see the truth about jews than my own gender? doubtful i hate the eXACT same things in lefty jews that the WNs do–i just think they are blaming the FLEAS for what the DOG does–the DOG is yankee progressive social gospel busybody altruistic universalist do-gooderism MARRIED to the COMMUNISM continental EUROPEANS brought with them here from more than just “jewry”. it came from italian and germans and all manner of CONTINENTAL cultures who were ALREADY antotheticalto the british founding philosophies and populations of the US

so to the pat’s and svigor’s of the anglosphere–if there ever comes a time you feel you have to get rid of the jews to take your country back ill be sad to leave and ill cheer for you from wherever i am able to get to before the shit hits the fan–but i hope you are at least investigating whether there is a more insidious evil aligned against you from your own white power elites and their oppressive atheistic superchristianity then there has ever been from us

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The pink tie is the powdered wig of our time.

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Brief Hiatus

Sorry for my lack of updates–I have been both busy and singularly uninspired and didn’t want to write increasingly poor filler posts just to keep updating.  I will return as election season heats up

Political Cartoon by Michael Ramirez

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Hey, Did This Guy Comment at Roissy? Harvard HBD Enthusiast Leaves 1900 Page Suicide Note Online, Shoots Self

 From HuffPo

The man who took his own life on Harvard’s campus Saturday left a 1,904-page suicide note online.

According to the Harvard Crimson, Mitchell Heisman wrote “Suicide Note,” posted at, while living in an apartment near the school. The note is a “sprawling series of arguments that touch upon historical, religious and nihilist themes,” his mother, Lonni Heisman, told the Crimson. She said her son would have wanted people to know about his work.

The complex note, divided into four parts, touches on Christianity, the Holocaust and social progress, among other topics, and mentions Harvard several times.

IvyGate calls the note “probing, deeply researched, and often humorous.”

Heisman was 35 when he shot himself on the steps of Harvard’s Memorial Church Saturday. He had a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Albany. According to the Crimson, he worked in area bookstores and lived on inheritance from his father, who died when he was young.

Here it is, Mitchell Heisman’s “suicide note”  


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Implacable Enemies: Why Blacks Must Read “The Canon”

However unpalatable it might be to our sense of racial pride, we as black people need to read the dead white men with alacrity. If nothing else, the canon will help us understand why, even to this day, the annals of human history are callously besmirched with the blood of so many dead black men. As the African-American scholar Dr. Molefi Kete Asante has said, “It is not enough to know. One must act to humanise the world.”

It is more clear every day that there is no assuaging this poisonous snake we have harbored to our bosom.  No possibility they will grasp it is NOT the words of the “Dead White Men” that ENSLAVED them, but that FREED them and ALL peoples of the West from the prospect of Feudalism and chattel slavery. 

How much can you reach out to a group that is OPENLY intransigent and tells you every day there can in fact be no peace?  What is it they want?  Do they want us to hand over the US to them and leave?  Just once I would like a black person to tell me what would satisfy them–what would finally bring it all to an end.  You’ll never hear it though–because they don’t want it to end, they need to nurse their grievances forever in order to extort racial spoils from a White populace that will feel increasingly alienated from the Black experience of oppression.   Does anyone think the generation who’s first presidential vote was cast for OBAMA is going to feel guilty about Blacks?  Even WORSE for them will be the coming Hispanic power.  Hispanics don’t have one iota of guilt for the Black experience and will devote their tenure in power to bending the racial spoils system to their benefit, leaving the now marginalized and uncared about Blacks out in the cold.  Hopefully I won’t be watching it from Hong Kong.

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Weekend Boredom Reading: Thomas Sowell on America in Decline, an Interview

America In Decline, Sowell Says, Citing Spending And Int’l Policy


Early in his administration, President Reagan confidently asserted that “America’s best days lie ahead.” At the time it was true, but noted economist Thomas Sowell thinks it’s no longer the case.

In his new book, “Dismantling America,” Sowell argues that this nation is becoming one that many Americans no longer recognize as the country they grew up in or expected to pass on to their children and grandchildren. Rather, like Rome, America may be entering a prolonged period of decline.

Sowell sat down with IBD recently to discuss the political, social and economic forces that are leading to this decline and what, if anything, can reverse it.

IBD: What are the markers of national decline? What characteristics are different from a few decades ago that if they don’t improve will lead to this country falling apart?

Sowell: One of the most serious current signs is the governing style of this administration, which is to impose as many things as possible on the public from the top down, without even letting them know what’s going on.

Huge bills that fundamentally change the way the economy op erates have been rushed through Congress without hearings, without debate, and so fast that not even the members of Congress have a chance to read them. That’s circumventing the notion of a constitutional government, and that’s really at the heart of what the country is. The only analogy I can think of from history is when the Norman conquerors of England published their laws in French for an English-speaking nation. The utter arrogance — you’re not even to know what the laws are until it is too late.

Reckless spending is another. The deficit and the national debt, as a percentage of GNP, is higher now than it was during any time except World War II. Moreover, once World War II was over we stopped the spending and started paying off the existing debt. We’re going in exactly the opposite direction.

Of course, the one that trumps them all is on the international scene. That’s where Iran is moving toward nuclear weapons. I’m just staggered at how little attention is being paid to that compared to frivolous things. If a nation with a record of sponsoring international terrorism gets nuclear weapons, that changes everything and it changes it forever.

Someday historians may wonder what were we thinking about when you look at the imbalance of power between the U.S. and Iran, and we sat there with folded hands and watched this happen, going through just enough motions at the United Nations to lull the public to sleep. That, I think, is the biggest threat.     Read the rest…

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My Netflix Reviews: “The Hurt Locker” and “The Road”–Contains Spoilers and Unwholesome Levels of Vitriol

[note: These were cut-and-pasted directly from Netflix and are unedited–the spelling, punctuation and grammar errors have been left intact to preserve the white-hot rage in which these reviews were written]

The Hurt Locker

    SPOILERS this is the worst war movie ive ever seen. blah, boring, pilled up, beat, lugubrious, lachrymose garbage with ZEROOOO CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT–who CARED about ONE person in this movie? oh no the enemy kid who offered to sell the protagonist donkey porn died, oh i am so sad now, i am crying. and the awesome black guy i was supposed to care about for no apparent reason actual SAID OUT LOUD to a squad mate they should f*ckin’ KILL HIM BY ACCIDENT and now look they are friends and I care–NOT. i was hoping that traitor would get killed through the whole movie but noooooooooooo, gotta have the numinous negro to show everyone the light i’m surprised there wasn’t a kickass female soldier in the squad with him to tell him how wrong and bad he was and be all awesome this was ten pounds of garbage in a five pound bag here’s a list of movies that DIDN’T WIN BEST PICTURE: full metal jacket apocalypse now black hawkdown three kings LOLOLOLOL another GIANT F*CK YOU from Hollywood

The Road

    This is the worst seriously intended film I’ve ever seen. no intellectual content, no meaning, information, life lessons, nothing. bleak, nihilistic, content free pointless drivel. DO NOT WATCH the characters do not act human, had no personalities or interesting histories. I didn’t care about them, wanted them to die and for the movie to start following the cannibals instead. Worthless just lets his wife wander off–he just says please don’t go. Has the author/screenwriter ever interacted with a human male or any human? the child’s constant dread was unrealistic. He has grown up after Poxaclypse or whatever, how long would he be horrified by cannibalism and gore. we have the accounts of many children who grow up in the worst environments and privations and NONE act like this. And a family at the end takes on an extra mouth to feed and they have a DOG where are they getting food? And where’s the damned AIR coming from? Worthless not only has no survival skills AT all, he makes really bad decisions, like leaving THE WARM SAFE BOMB SHELTER STOCKED WITH FOOD oh and why don’t you let your stupid kid make more noise so the damned cannibals kind find you. Ok, you say-it’s not realistic-it’s an allegory. Really? What are the moral lessons? Survival is evil, just lie down and die? Help thieves who would let you die? there has ever been a more vivid display of the disgusting nature of christian/altruist morality in action then the scene where the guy who ROBBED THEM OF EVERYTHING is left alive because our hero, Worthlessman listens to his dumb kid every time the kid wants to hand out their precious resources to 9/10ths dead old people and CRIMINALS. i assume “keeping the fire burning” is the spirit of “civilization” or “morality”, guess what you dumb f*ckin kid–those things are LUXURIES when you are trying to survive–maybe the author should have looked up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, or consulted an actual human being before writing this drek.
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