Things my husband says #1

Ok, so we are on the couch watching tv and I was rubbing my husband’s boner respectfully paying attention to my husband and playing around–in a baby talk voice i was saying “why is it so big? why is it so hard? what’s it made of?” and he looked me square in the eye with a big Jerk Smirk(TM)  and said “It’s made of Magic, Baby”

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5 Responses to Things my husband says #1

  1. gunslingergregi says:

    lol Good luck with blog and hubby I think I may be in love with you platonically of course.
    Your like one of the reasons not to push button he he he

  2. I just vomited in my mouth wtf the last thing I want to think of is two people my parent’s age getting it on.

    Hat tip for next time: It’s made of viagara.

  3. aoefe says:

    Mandy really? For a smart girl you’re kind of a twit with that comment. Let’s talk in 20 years and we’ll talk about this and you’ll feel silly. How many movies have you seen with actors/actresses over 35 making out and/or screwing each other’s brains out? Do you think gross? If yes, you’re immature. You might have been trying to be funny though – so if that’ the case ignore the former. 🙂

    By the way Dana I laughed out loud at this post! Hilarious.

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