America As a Cargo Cult of the Era of the Baby Boom’s Childhood


It hit me after seeing this Drudge Headline FIRESTORM AFTER DEMS CUT FOOD STAMPS TO BAIL OUT TEACHERS ,   America’s ruling class is trying to freeze the era of the 50’s-60’s in amber by government fiat. They resist all inevitable change and creative destruction that MUST come in the wake of the baby BUST.  They inevitably confuse form with substance, like a tribesman in the Pacific worshipping a bamboo plane and praying for it to fly.

Where does this cargo cult manifest itself most?  SCHOOLS.  Baby Boomers loved school–they have idyllic memories like “Grease” and “American Graffiti”.  Ritalin and packs of wild negroes roaming the halls terrorizing them don’t figure into their memories at all.  Boys remember shop class and rifle club, not being maligned as the source of all human suffering.  Girls  were taught USEFUL LIFE SKILLS in Home Ec, like cooking, sewing, budgeting–things necessary to run a household.  Of course, they took all these things for granted and then immediately set about destroying every aspect of school that they had loved for the next generation.  “Burning bridges” is a common metaphor for destroying one’s OWN options, is their one for utterly destroying the chance of future generations to have the same options?  I don’t know–but there should be.

Part of the School Cargo Cult is preserving the Baby Boomers career aspirations for eternity as well.  And what did they all want to be?  TEACHERS! The youth population is declining and fractionalizing–the days we needed all those big Public School Edifices to educate children are coming to an end, the internet alone has provided an explosion of educational activities that were unheard of 60 years ago–but since the Baby Boomers have such fond memories of School and all wanted to be teachers, Schools MUST BE KEPT GOING AT ALL COSTS!  Import millions of foreign children, divert all funds to propping dying schools up–School and teaching profession must be kept alive!!  It’s a Zombie System, clattering on years past its useful life–millions of educated parents would rather die than let an (lol) “Education Major” teach their kid how to tie their shoes let alone tell them what to read or interpret history for them.

Another Cargo Cult item is “Jobs”.  When the elite speak of “jobs”, do they ever mention data entry, computer programmers, systems analysts, quality control workers, small factory owners, franchisees, Stanley Steamer Carpet cleaners, truck drivers, or retail managers?  NOPE!  What constitutes “jobs”? SOLELY  manufacturing, the big 3 auto industry, and unions.  That’s it–no whole tiers of jobs have come into existence since the 50’s, no new industries, products or services.  It’s like they are in a time warp–1000s of jobs and businesses have come into existence since the 50s and they can’t see them, and if they DO perceive them, they blithely undercut them without a care. Look how they destroyed telemarketing with the do not call list without one whit of concern for the 1000s of jobs that were lost or destroyed because they found it “annoying”–did that have anything to do with current unemployment??  hmmm

The ultimate Cargo Cult manifestation we are witnessing right now is the Hieratic Obama Presidency.  Since Prez-O-Dent Tarball HNIC washed up on the steps of the White House with the Imperial family in tow we have been seeing a purposeful parody of the JFK/Camelot mystique in Blackface.  It was apparent in the worship of his alleged “looks” and the currying of and celebration of the “youth vote” and attempts to gin up a generational zeitgeist in a generation slivered into a multiplicity of tiny groups of common interest like never in history.  Michelle’s self-conscious, steatopygian Jackie O impersonation in the campaign days was eery and alarming to anyone with eyes to see.

Obama is all form, no substance, like many have said — an Empty Suit.  He believes Presidents govern by making speeches–he makes speeches every day and can’t understand why nothing is getting better! He must think to himself everyday “I don’t understand, I ACT presidential every day–I am always telling reality how to be and making very serious presidential faces–I even hold my head at a regal angle!–why isn’t it all coming together as I planned?”

I am sure there are many more examples of the Cargo Cult mentality–but these are just a few that sprung to mind

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8 Responses to America As a Cargo Cult of the Era of the Baby Boom’s Childhood

  1. Dream Puppy says:

    It’s so much more nefarious than petulant baby boomers. I wish I knew you in real life b/c I have some great book recommendations. But alas, I’m scared of the interwebz. Do you listen to “Political Cesspool”?

  2. dana says:

    dream, what books? you can tell me on the intertubes–its ok

  3. David Foster says:

    Good post. I’d observe that any tears cried on behalf of U.S. manufacturing by the Obama administration and the groups that it represents are *crocodile* tears. See my post faux manufacturing nostalgia.

  4. dana says:

    david, thanks so much! i read your blog very often and feel honored!

  5. Gorbachev says:

    All of our elites sold out the lower classes of this country, and the lower classes are too stupid to realize it. The elites live nice lives and none of their ideas touch reality. This what happens when your elites run things.

    A good theory about civilizational collapse starts with a good analysis of what happens to elites. Inevitably, it’s always an elite betrayal.

    But I’d propose that conservative, ideological elites are just as guilty. I mean, how much time has been wasted on fighting straw-man moral issues like gay rights? Seriously, considering the scope, depth and breadth of the problems facing this country, not to mention our death-inducing debt, the right and left find it easier to fight senseless proxy battles that have all kinds of sturm und drang, but amount to side issues of no great consequence.

    If the public really cares, we need to stop worrying about the mosquito bites and address the massive slashes across the chest.

  6. Dream Puppy says:


    they’re not just elite. They are a HOSTILE elite. They hate the very country they inhabit.

  7. David Foster says:

    Any society needs to have elites, of course. The problem that we now face is that an attempt is being made to collapse the multiple ladders of success that have existed in American society into a single ladder, with access tightly controlled via credentials.

    This relates also to the politicization of virtually everything, and especially of the economy. Benjamin Franklin specifically pointed out the importance of keeping the political and economic spheres separate:

    “There are two passions which have a powerful influence in the affairs of men. These are ambition and avarice—the love of power and the love of money. Separately, each of these has great force in prompting men to action; but, when united in view of the same object, they have, in many minds, the most violent effects.”

  8. Dream Puppy says:

    David Foster, yes of course every country has (does not need) an elite. However, we have a HOSTILE elite. We need a benevolent elite. An elite that actually likes America, Americans, and wants to uphold the values that Americans used to hold dear. A benevolent king would be a much better situation than a million hands in our pockets.

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