Africa in our Midst

Like a scene from Zimbabwe, we see clearly the shape of things to come.

I predict a massive wave of riots in the wake of Obama’s departure, after 4 or 8 years.  It will not matter what white person succeeds him, male or female, Democrat or Republican.

Why did riots FOLLOW and not PRECEDE the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

It is counterintuitive, but riots don’t occur under conditions of privation and injustice–they come from forms of Hope and its aftermath, not from despair. Once the belief was ginned up that things would materially improve for the mass of impoverished blacks their impatience spilled over into massive demonstrations of pent-up longing and rage, and the fact that improvements didn’t occur overnight ignited the powder keg.

The same sorts of hope and expectations are being conjured up in a new generation.  Blacks genuinely believe they are going to specifically and significantly benefit both financially and in personal power as a result of the Obama presidency.  His presidency will end and a white person will be president again and the underclass will still be the underclass and the violence will begin in earnest out of the despair not of material poverty, but of Hope dashed on the rocks of reality setting in.

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9 Responses to Africa in our Midst

  1. Digo says:

    Hi Dana.

    Came here from Roissy, and just about now am reading this HBD thing, and the race stuff. Hum… what is the gist of all that?

  2. dana says:


    thanks for stopping by! HBD stands for “human biodiversity”. it is a scientific recognition that 1. race DOES exist 2. that it IS important 3. that it isn’t about one race being “superior” to another, but all races being simultaneously inferior and superior in different spheres 4. and that intellectual honesty impels us to recognize the truth and inform our public policy with it, not to construct an edifice of failed policies on lies–aka, the history of the 20th century.

    i’d start with reading as many articles from here as you can tolerate along with all his other articles and daily blog at also

    i will be posting more hbd resources to my sidebar as i go on.

  3. Digo says:

    What society do you envision?

  4. dana says:

    way too broad–can you narrow that q down a bit

  5. Digo says:

    Is this the point?

    IQs, race, advocating eugenics (not saying you are) this sounds “hitlerish” to me. 😛

    I’ll have to read more, but it sounds spooky to be honest.

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  7. theobsidianfiles says:

    Hi Dana,
    Not to plug my blog again, but I’ve written about last week’s events in East Point GA as well, and have given it a far fairer treatment than what I see here. Looking very much forward to hearing what you and your readers have to say about it.

    As for your comments about Obama and how Black folks view him, I am curious, on what basis do you claim to know Black folk so well? Have you studied any polling on the matter, talked to a large and diverse group of Black folk, or is all tis just your own impressions that you get from your reading online? Please explain?


    Holla back


  8. R.Sole says:

    This confuses race with culture again. Race is a correlation, not causation, of such behaviours. One can legitimately say “a cultural tendency of many black Americans is to do X” if many black Americans do X; one cannot say “black people do X” unless virtually ALL black people worldwide and throughout history have done X (e.g. have darker skin or certain facial features or hair texture).

  9. dana says:

    r sole, im not sure if you are american–but in american common parlance “black people” means US black people, the separate and distinct ethnic group that is made up of the descendents of US slave population, whites and indians. the others you refer to would be “africans” from whatever part of africa they are from, or caribbans et al.

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