Female Obesity As A Social Constructivist Feminist Dominance Display, Or Why You Will One Day Agree With Big Sister that 250+250=10

Obesity is the defining characteristic of the modern shrew.  There is much discussion on the Intertubes as to why this is, but nutrition alone can’t explain it.   

I’m sure you have all experienced this one in real life–a girlfriend gets fat immediately as a test to determine if you will still love her when she is old and asexual.  What is she saying in her mind as she does this?  “If he REALLYYYY loved me, my looks wouldn’t matter!!” 

Well, the entire female race is basically running this shit test on Reality.

Feminists have always abhorred the biological reality of the male sexual gaze and what it finds appealing.  As we know, nothing oppresses a Feminist more than reality–anything that can’t be nagged into conforming to a Feminist vision of the world has to be eliminated.  Feminists originally tried to control the demand side, trying shame men into accepting ugly and fat women and into believing Beauty was only a Social Construct, but quickly realized it didn’t work.  On some level they realize the boner wants what it wants and that the more sexual freedom their own ostensible values allowed men the MORE they pursued what feminists hate–slim, young, symmetrical, white girls with long silken hair and small waists.  Even more alarming, the market value of the girls possessed of these traits jumped through the roof and 1000s of women who’s very sexuality the foolish Feminists had unleashed upon the world were NOT becoming CEOS, Doctors and Lawyers but were in fact making obscene amounts of money selling their appearance to men and women alike as models, strippers and porn stars.  NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! they posited calmly–Reality Bad, Feminism must be true!

How to combat men’s inconvenient biology and win?  When they failed on the Demand side, They began concentrating on the SUPPLY SIDE.

What is the purpose behind the Dove Campaign For Real Beauty? :


Feminists are determined to convince more and more women that their NATURAL state of sloth, torpor and gluttony is DESIRABLE, not only to themselves but to MEN.  By convincing a critical mass of WOMEN to accept this they have raised they average woman’s size and weight.  Now I many of the men reading this are this close to pulling a Sexual Galt’s Gulch,  but most men continue to want some level of female companionship beyond the occasional lay.  Consequently when the average dress size is 18, the 12 suddenly starts looking good by comparison and women have finally controlled men’s sexual choices not by fiat, but by literally altering their physical reality.

Winston Smith finally loved Big Sister.


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23 Responses to Female Obesity As A Social Constructivist Feminist Dominance Display, Or Why You Will One Day Agree With Big Sister that 250+250=10

  1. PA says:

    As recently as the 1980s, lower class womenlooked like Lita Ford, Joan jett, and Tawny Kitaen. Cigarette smoking was about the most unfeminine thing they did. A visit to a working-class area McDonalds then was not a depressing asault on the eyes. Today, they are not just fat, but also tatooed, grotesquely mannish in manner, and with hair pulled tightly up, the callsign of a mudshark.

    Speaking of, I think you overstate radical feminists’ influence behind the obesity epidemic. Feminists rarely have any pull, except when being useful idiots to big corporation who want ot pump wopmen into the workforce to dilute the value of labor.

    The real reasons behind the obesity epidemic come from more crude, market-driven causes. As late as teh late 80s, dating black guys was a taboo for most girls, and more an upper class rad-lib statement, than a working class thing. Under those conditions, lower class girls had to maintain reasonable standards of appearance ot get laid, as lower class white men still had options, and woudl not have banged a porker.

    But with the removal of the taboo, a segment of the female population saw that they would still get dick frm a black, no matter how fat they were; often a muscular and dominant one at that. Thus many girls, as of the early 90s, let themselves go because they no longer felt the pressure to keep sloth and gluttony in check.

    This caused a vicious cycle of shrinking the pool of fuckable (to white men) lower class white girls, further raising the market value of thing girls, and weven fat ones. Which is why today decent-llokng working class white men are seen with white trash whales.

    You and I both remember that it wasn’t always like this.

  2. dana says:

    I totally agree–obviously there are many factors, probably going back mostly to farm subsidies. but whenever something is organically changing in a culture there are those on the sidelines who try to harness those changes to their advantage–here is one place feminists have done this. without a feel good, you go girl movement encouraging women to accept themselves as they are and insisting male sexual desire SHOULDN’T be what it is it couldn;t have gotten this far, even given all the other facets

  3. dana says:

    oh, and as to “the call sign of the mudshark” rofl–we call that a kensington facelift in my household

    if you recall one of my initial fights with obsidian was that the encouragement of miscegenation was a cause of female obesity in that the heretofore unavailable opportunity to mudshark encouraged women with a weight problem to ease up on the self control, because they were suddenly getting a previously unallowed amount of open attention from black men–thereby increasing the average weight of the class of women available for dating by the regular white guy

  4. Brit says:

    Agreed! one hundred percent as a female who a.) takes care of her body, and b.) rejects the lies and commercial BULLSHIT fed to make lazy greedy women (Americans) run out and buy products to feel better about being lazy greedy eat-beasts. Hell yes 18 is the new 12….sick. It says ” let me indulge myself with “now-things” rather than have an ounce of discipline that produces a REAL reward. And further, men NEED women. So now we corner them with “what’s available” and it works for a minute because fatties are so “nice” and so “attentive”, but when the novelty of that wears off….then comes divorce and kids-as-hostages (fat kids that eat easymac cause mom’s at work too). SICK

    How bout this , Dove……try some healthy active women in your next ad. You can throw the fatties in there too i guess….but stop coddling sloth. You have the power of commercial…use it. Who’s going to stop you from saying “here’s a carrot and a treadmill”…….

  5. Gorbachev says:

    I’m sorry –

    The men that women want still don’t want the fat chicks. These men are

    – Manning up and getting the pretty women. The pretty women are fewer, and so they feel themselves queens of the world. They treat their fat sisters with contempt, as human sexual garbage.

    – Going overseas and getting gorgeous women from abroad

    – Pumping and dumping at staggering rates, because the women are worthless as mates. More: Dangerous as mates.

  6. dana says:

    yeh gorb–i didn’t say it was WORKING

  7. al says:

    I don’t really understand all the condemnation of women tying their hair up, particularly if it is high and tight. Traditionally women did wear their hair up, and in some instances having your hair back is far more convenient.
    Or rather, I do not understand why it is considered inherently unfeminine.

    (as for the actual post, I see it more that as our food/lifestyles have changed everyone got fatter, screamed about media making them feel badly, and so media/etc. is now playing to the money. It is not women’s fault, after all, that they have gotten larger, so stop trying to make them live to an unnatural ideal.)

    • Brit says:

      It’s not women’s fault that they got larger? Are you serious? Did they fall into a vat of fat on the way to the gym? Of course not. They settled for convenience over healthy. McDonald’s or go home and cook for an hour? Watch ‘America’s Next Top Model or walk the dog in the park……
      Microwaves, working parents, bigger this and that, try this drug, stretchy jean material, self help books….we lost track of what was fundamental. Obesity is an epidemic born of bad choices. Look at our kids. It isn’t just women, but women were the focus of the author’s original thoughts….
      The commercials have changed from thin people to not-thin people because that is the market and majority….shame shame.

  8. dana says:

    no one is condemning the mere tying up of hair in some form. in chav/prole/underclass circles there is a specific form of ponytail that involved pulling the hair back so tight and jammed down onto the head it makes the bearer look like she suffers microencephaly. this hairstyle inevitably goes with “mudsharking”, aka, extreme preference for interracial dating.

    common accessories for this hairstyle are a pink spaghetti strap t-shirt, a muffintop, food stamps, a baby carriage with a mulatto baby in it and the name “Stacy”

  9. al says:

    That was a style of ponytail I’ve seen condemned. I don’t associate with low class, which is perhaps why I don’t understand the condemnation. To me it looks athletic or 80s, not trashy. (that link was mostly celebs, but the one blonde with bangs and a scrunchy, she looks lower class to me.)

  10. Dave says:

    “Winston Smith finally loved Big Sister.”

    Which is why I have a hollowed-out molar for stashing a concealed cyanide capsule. They will NEVER break me.

  11. theobsidianfiles says:

    Hi Dana,
    If I may, you said the following:

    “if you recall one of my initial fights with obsidian was that the encouragement of miscegenation was a cause of female obesity in that the heretofore unavailable opportunity to mudshark encouraged women with a weight problem to ease up on the self control, because they were suddenly getting a previously unallowed amount of open attention from black men–thereby increasing the average weight of the class of women available for dating by the regular white guy.”

    O: Yes, I recall the statement you made over at Roissy’s quite well, in fact a few other posters there attempted to advance the same weaksauce theories. I said it then and I say it now, it’s whacked. Nice try, though.

    Also, your calling IR dating (read: Black Man/White Woman) the “Kensington Facelift” is interesting, since, as you know, I know the area of Philly quite well and it in no way should be taken as anything representative about IR dating on a whole, but rather, and at best, as representative of IR dating *within a particular social class*. In this case, working poor/working class to underclass. I am sure you know well about Philly’s suburbs, like Montgomery and Bucks and Delaware counties, where you can see IR Black Man/White Woman couples where the Woman involved does NOT look like the ones you described in this post. Why you and other Whites of your ilk seem to go out of your way to make such arguments is at turns, fascinating and nauseating to watch.

    Also, I find your use of the term “mulatto” interesting, because we don’t live in a society where such a concept is possible. By its very definition, it is someone who occupies a “middle ground” both raciall and socially. Societies like SAFR and Brazil allow for mulattos to be viewed and treated as distinct social classes. Not so here in the USA-you’re either Black or White. So again, I found your use of the term to be quite interesting. Perhaps you could clarify it?

    As for the topic at hand, I’ll say this. Americans, indeed many of the world’s peoples, are getting bigger. And by all accounts, there doesn’t seem to be much of a problem for today’s plus-sized Woman with getting sex if she wants it. That you and others in the Roissysphere have problems with this, is irrelevant. Since you’re such a dispassionate observer of the facts and truth, I don’t think you can really disagree with me here. I’ve said it before and it bears repeating: if you don’t find plus-sized ladies to be your thing, great, you don’t have to date or bed them. Problem. Solved.

    Anything else is just whining and complaining-definitely not traits of an Alpha Male.

    Holla back


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  13. I don’t think “mudsharking” or feminism has anything to do with it. I don’t even think nutrition has anything to do with it; food is more or less the same everywhere, and the continued existence of not-fat women in America and Britain indicates it must be something else. I think it’s because there is something wrong with American and British women’s souls. It’s well beyond feminism at this point.

    • Nope, its food + modern technological sedentary lifestyle. We don’t move as much and eat too many carbohydrates for this lifestyle.

      See the pacific islanders, once very lean and healthy people (tall but lean) that ate seafood and fruit. When introduced to (modern) western food, they became the most obese people on Earth. They dwarf our fatties.

      And now that more and more are getting fat, it has become “accepted”. A shame, really.

  14. R.Sole says:

    This post might have some validity if American men had also not become obese just as much as the women.

    Since obesity is a growing problem for both sexes, not just females, the default assumption is that it is caused by something other than gender politics. More likely it is caused by rising wealth along with less physical activity as more jobs and leisure activity become sedentary. Today’s man and woman works in an office at a desk, sitting down; watches TV and films, sitting down; drives instead of walks/rides everywhere; and plays computers games and surfs the internet to watch sports or play virtual sports instead of getting out into a grassy field to play actual sports.

    That is why women are fat. Not because of some feminists.

  15. Priyanka says:

    The women in the Dove photo are not fat. They all look between 125-150 at the very most. That is downright skinny for today!
    Everyday when I go out I see at least a handful of people between the 250-400 range.
    Those women in the Dove photo look perfectly fine and healthy.

  16. Lara says:

    I do think the loosening of the inter racial dating taboo is probably the main reason behind the obesity epidemic in women. I have never met a white man that was attracted to fat women. Most of them won’t even consider dating a fat woman since they probably wouldn’t be able to even get turned on by her. I think black men when they can will choose thin white women over fat ones. The poor ones will sleep with fat white women I think because of some financial benefit.

  17. Lara says:

    The women in the Dove ad aren’t really obese, but they are definitely big boned. They are not what I consider beautiful. When you see someone like Kate Middleton in her wedding gown you realize how much more attractive being very slender is. These women look healthy enough, but none of them looks good enough to flaunt her body in her bra and underwear. This group needs to cover up.

  18. Lara says:

    I don’t get this push to boost women’s self esteem. I certainly don’t look like a 19 year old model and my self esteem is fine. In fact, I would say the same thing about most of my friends. Maybe this Real beauty campaign will increases sales for Dove (I have used their soap for years), if it doesn’t I’m sure they’ll drop it.

    • LARA: Wrong! says:

      “I do think the loosening of the inter racial dating taboo is probably the main reason behind the obesity epidemic in women.”

      1. What would then be the reason for the obesity epidemic amongst men and boys?

      2. Many people who are obese are in intraracial relationships or marriages.

  19. I thrash this fat girl and fuck her huge butt

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