Why I Study Game, or Realtors–the PUAs of Sales

Some of my deep abiding interest in Game stems from the overlap of its tenets and techniques with those of Sales, which is what I do.  I have not only gained a great deal of insight into the plight of men trying to attract a strange woman through my work but reading about Game has helped me in some of the more daunting aspects of a career that basically is identical to picking up women.  All aspiring PUAs would benefit from Sales training and Sales experience–nothing teaches you more about how to quickly warm up strangers.

Open Houses are the Singles Bars of Sales.  Every Sunday there are Realtors lurking around in houses hoping to catch the Holy Grail, the HB10 of Real Estate–the young engaged couple with no house to sell looking to buy their first home.  A busy Open House is like a room full of girls and you’re the only guy trying to bang them all.

Like a PUA, I have 5-15 minutes to cold approach a couple, open them, establish rapport, demonstrate value and close them by getting their search parameters and permission to email them listings.  I concentrate on making the whole process seem like a fun adventure to the girl while simultaneously demonstrating competence and knowledge to the man–it’s a fine line to walk, I have to Game Both sexes simultaneously!

They have often been to many Open Houses that day and have a “bitch shield” up–so I have to quickly knock that down with nonchalant suggestions that I’m not like the other Realtors, don’t worry I won’t nag you or call you all the time–just email you a few listings, it’ll be fun, no pressure, we’ll just hang out! All the while I have to be situationally aware that there are OTHER couples wandering around I’d also like to pick up as customers as well–I try to keep a “harem” of 3-4 couples at all times–replacing those who actually buy as rapidly as possible with new ones so I’ve always got a check in the pipeline

Some come ready with the equivalent of “I have a boyfriend” “we are already working with a Realtor”.  The seriousness of this ploy can be gauged in the EXACT same way.  When I approach the couple with my card and smile and they immediately bark “we are already working with someone” I know to just smile and leave them alone, they aren’t going to cheat on their Realtor with me.  Sometimes though, a couple will hang out with me for a while–letting me do my spiel, probing me with questions and being all adorable only to drop the Realtor bomb on me and here an interesting phenomenon sets in.  I don’t stop trying to close them–just as in PUA the mere fact of their continuing to hang around indicates I could possibly convert them, but suddenly all the pressure seems to melt off me and I can simply speak to them in a fun, direct ,  more  “cool” way that has actually flipped a few, instead of continuing to sell myself to them, I draw them into a feeling that they are now on the “inside” and in the know,  try to make them think I’ve got tricks up my sleeve to serve them their Realtor may not be savvy to *wink wink*.  So when you hear that line dropped in the middle of rapport building don’t despair!  They WANT you to steal them away–they are telling you to change your TACTICS!

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5 Responses to Why I Study Game, or Realtors–the PUAs of Sales

  1. Will S. says:

    Interesting; makes sense.

    Some have compared dating itself to the job interview process; asking a girl out is like applying for a job, and a first date is like a job interview, which determines whether you will proceed to a probationary or trial period. I have found thinking thus helpful both in job interviews and dating.

  2. Gorbachev says:

    True, …

    It’s liek a job interview.

    But it’s much more like a sales pitch.

  3. dana says:

    Something I forgot to add.

    I have stopped seeing prospects as individual people with internal lives–not as subjects in their own universes but only as objects in mine. They might as well be little Dollar Signs walking around in an RTS game. While this somewhat mimics the way people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder view others, it is REQUIRED to deal with the masses of rejection and disinterest you encounter daily as you ply your trade in sales. This is why PUA’s are often seen as sociopaths or NPD–what they really are is inured to the reactions of people around them and this is why they are successful.

  4. R.sole says:

    Will S. – not quite. In both a job interview and a date, you should think of it as YOU interviewing them, not the other way round. You’re the one with value, with something they want, and you are going to get them to show that they deserve to get it.

    • Will S. says:

      Hey, R. sole.

      Well, it works both ways, right? In a job interview, they’re looking for someone – but you want a job. Same thing with dating, too. You have to demonstrate that you’re something they desire to have – but you have to want that, too.

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