On Why Education, Affirmative Action and Desegregation Destroyed the “Black Community”

In all the incessant discussion of the pathologies of the Black Underclass and what can be done about them the most fashionable explanations now revolve around the arguments made in Charles Murray’s seminal work Losing Ground, and rightly so, as its has made one of the strongest empirical cases to date against the Welfare State. Few, however, ever mention the observable demographic destabilization and consequent wrought upon the Black “Community” by the confluence of  Affirmative Action and Desegregation.  The very programs designed to help the Black INDIVIDUAL has destroyed their culture.

In the New Republic article, Wax laments:

The black family was far more stable 50 years ago, when conditions for blacks were far worse than they are today. Black out-of-wedlock births started to climb and marriage rates to fall around 1960, long after slavery was abolished and just as the civil rights movement gained momentum. Perhaps a more nuanced explanation for the recent deterioration is that the legacy of slavery made the black family more vulnerable to the cultural subversions of the 1960s. But what does this tell us that is useful today? The answer is: nothing.

and she is right, noting that the “legacy of slavery” may have made the black family “more vulnerable” to the Great Disruption tells us nothing useful about today. Could it be because it’s false?

If you look at pre-Civil Rights Black communities there was certainly no lack of social ills, but there were mitigating factors that are now wholly absent.  In any neighborhood there would be the Black Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher, Business Owners, Journalist, Preacher* obviously but ALSO, now almost wholly absent, Black plumbers, contractors, electricians, carpenters–all the higher G loaded professions and skilled living IN and AMONG the lower IQ population, acting as a stabilizing force and a bulwark against pathology, as a role model to those young people who would resist the criminal course, as authority figures and neighborhood dispute resolution.  IQ doesn’t just entail raw intelligence, there is a suite of traits that attend it at the higher echelons, high levels of Openness, Conscientiousness, Agreeableness make the higher IQ population more self-governing and apt to be stable.

Affirmative Action had the immediate effect of identifying and isolating Higher IQ Blacks so as to more properly educate them. How could this be a problem? In Stage One it was great, all of these smart Blacks who had previously had little opportunity and were forced to be laborers or tradespeople, factory workers and other non-intellectually challenging jobs had unprecedented opportunity to move up in the world, go to college, enter a level of society previously shut to them–fabulous! Push them all through! Like Pokemons, we had to catch ’em all–Yale or Jail, Baby. This alone would have not harmed the Black Community, but would have helped it tremendously, but what was occurring at the same time? Forced Housing Desegregation

So first we have all blacks of talent identified, sifted and sent to college–now, where will they live? Did they go back to their former “Communities”? Hell no, they were Movin’ On Up! Housing Desegregation and increased oppourtunities for Blacks caused a mass outmigration from their previously INTELLECTUALLY DIVERSE  neighborhoods in an incredibly short time. These were the Salad Days of the Civil Rights era, the Cosby Show days. Everything looked rosy, and for many it was.

But wait, what about those who were LEFT in the now skimmed communities–who would attend to them? Who would be their skilled tradespeople and pillars of their communities now that the Smart Fraction was gone? No one–that’s who.

Enter Stage Two, the Aftermath.

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6 Responses to On Why Education, Affirmative Action and Desegregation Destroyed the “Black Community”

  1. Alkibiades says:

    I had a professor back in my undergraduate days discuss the outmigration of the talented blacks as the cause for the collapse within the inner city neighborhoods. His un-PC position(s) eventually forced him to move on too.

  2. theobsidianfiles says:

    Interesting you would bring this topic up; over at my blog my most recent post, where I give my take on what it means to be a Black Gen Xer, speaks directly to all yor concerns you’ve outlined here. Would be very interested in reading your response once you read it.

    But what I will say right now is that your obsessions with IQ, the Black underclass and a nostalgia for Jim Crow notwishstanding, you completely omit(?) two powerful forces that took place, actually three, that had astrong pull on wat we see today:

    1. The riots of the 60s, especially in wake of MLK’s death, which coincided with both White AND Black Flight

    2. A massively shifting economy that began to see major manufacturing etc jobs moving from the cities to first the burbs, then out of the country altogether

    3. And finally, the Crack Wars, that was truly a scourge on the Black community.

    No honest discussion along these lines can be had without taking the aforementioned into account and held within context. Why am I not surprised that the HBD crowd invariably leaves such salient points out?

    Things that make you go hmm…

    Holla back


  3. theobsidianfiles says:

    Oh, and one other thing Dana:

    Your premise, per your subject title, if wholly inaccurate. Education, Affirmative Action, and Desegregation have all proven to be a net positive to the Black community overall. These three forces have played a direct role in the creation of the Black middle class that you talked about in your mention of The Cosby Show (and my post about Black Gen Xers is keen to mention this aspect as well, check it out). That the Black underclass existed and had its problems, or that the Black working class to a few steps back, are entirely seperate issues.

    I’m just sayin.

    Holla back


  4. BobW says:

    It happened really quickly.

    My parents used to shop in East St. Louis in the mid ’60s. We left for three years when my father was stationed overseas. When we came back, we drove back to shop in the Sears that was still open. Once. All the other customers were surprised to see us. We were the only white people there. They all recommended that we shop somewhere else.

    The crack wars were in the late ’70s and early ’80s, if I remember correctly.

  5. jon says:

    If you want to destroy a people,give them averything,ever heard of that???All the handouts,affirmative action,section 8,medicaid,food stamps,etc…..It ruined their families by saying to get welfare only one parent can be in the home,it destroyed the family structure,lowered the bar for them with affirmative action so the result of that was a lot never go onto higher learning,it destroys work ethic and in the end you are just dependant on the system and the meat scraps they throw at you.

    The way to save america and ourselves is simple.We must work hard and love our families and become better moral people.

    Look at what liberal divorce courts did to american woman when they realized,hey I could just leave and take this mans wealth.Look at what it did to america and marriage and the family.

    Rich and poor americans,until they both realize you are rich because your most basic of needs are met,and you dont have to work jobs you hate to buy crap you dont need,we will neevr move forward.I am rich because I am loved and my needs are met.I have never seen a hearse with a u haul behind it.

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