Scott Pilgrim Vs the World, or Beta does Battle for Sloppy Eighths

I just can’t believe no one in the Roissy-sphere has eviscerated this mess yet

Any comments, guys?

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7 Responses to Scott Pilgrim Vs the World, or Beta does Battle for Sloppy Eighths

  1. I ain’t spending 11 dollars on that trash.

    I’ll wait for it to come to my cable provider’s Movies on Demand service.

  2. ThinkingMan says:

    I saw it for half price and it was fun. But you’re right on, the main male character is total beta and no sane woman would get within a mile of this limp-wristed excuse for a male.

  3. David Collard says:

    One of her exes is a Lesbian. This film, and another called something like “4,3,2,1” got reviewed on the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) last night. Quite favourably, unfortunately. “4, 3.2.1” looks like some kind of feminist revenge-epic.

  4. pb says:

    Had the same thoughts when I first saw the trailer… who actually buys the comic books?

  5. Since it’s not a movie that takes itself seriously, I’m not sure that there’s really a need for a serious evisceration. Indeed, I would argue that the very point of the movie is that he’s a beta pointlessly battling for a woman than no self-respecting man would do more than pump and dump.

  6. finndistan says:

    I ain’t wasting 90 minutes of my life on that piece of crap, let alone 2 cents…

    Did that mistake with Zack and Miri.

    The brainwashing is like a never ending tsunami.

  7. Laikastes says:

    I’m thankful that I’m far enough removed from American teenage pop culture, by both geographical distance and age, to have no idea what this is about.

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