More On The Smart Fraction Vacuum Theory of Decline, or The Death Of Art

In my post on Affirmative action and desegregation causing permanent decline in the Black community I discussed the devastating effect of skimming off all high IQ Blacks and removing them from their communities, but there is another place we can see this IQ vacuum effect quite starkly coming to light now–the creative arts.

 Every time a new field opens up to high IQ participation it explodes with brilliance, until every possible permutation of that field becomes exhausted.  This manner by which the high G populace burns through a field of endeavor leaves tunnels in its wake like earthworms burrowing through the soft earth, and like those earthworm tubes, these tunnels are inevitably filled with the shit and detritus of those who come along after–AKA, books, plays, movies and music now.

It is impossible not to notice that over the 20th century to now several art forms flourished, peaked and dropped dead seemingly with no cause.  the Novel, the Play, Rock Music (which is now dead and gone, sorry), film (also irrevocably dead).  A big flurry of brilliance followed by an experimental period then inevitable decline.  What causes this? If you go back at least to the Renaissance, you see that at any given period the most intelligent men possible cluster around the newest form of expression available to them, in Painting, Sculpture and Church Architecture from the Renaissance to the Baroque, then “Classical Music”, then in the Enlightenment a shift away from the creative arts begins and towards language based g loaded endeavors–philosophy, the novel, the play.  The novel and the play continue on until the 20th century as high g endeavors, the play giving way to the film and tv show, and eventually so the novel. At the same time these creative arts were coming to the fore, Science, Math and the technological arts were in their infancy–not having yet developed sufficiently to draw all latent G lurking around unoccupied to them.

Have advancements in the non-“creative” fields like Science, Math, Engineering and Programming put the final nail in Art’s coffin by drawing all high IQ people into it and away from non reality based endeavors? A good example of this in action is the history of Rock.  Scads of college kids enter the field of popular music at a certain point and there is an explosion of creative genius in the 60s-80s, culminating in the final synthesis of it all in the early 90s and then BAM! a precipitous decline in quality. For the first time following this decline cycle no NEW genres developing in its wake, just perpetual ironic mimesis, where all bands seem lik ” tribute” bands to a bygone era.  It’s tempting to say “kids today!” and blame on social factors like medication in schools or decline of music study in general–but the truth is, the G has moved on.  Where is it clustering now?  Video game design? Economics? Computer programming?

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8 Responses to More On The Smart Fraction Vacuum Theory of Decline, or The Death Of Art

  1. theobsidianfiles says:

    Hi Dana,
    As I’ve said earlier at Roissy’s, it cannot be denied that Hip Hop has shown both its true creative innovation and genius, and as well its staying power, having become the coin of the realm (Whites purchase more Hip Hop music than Blacks, and have for a longtime now) and of course, being extremely commercially successful.

    I would like very much to discuss this matter further with you, because, no surprise, I tend to disagree with your “HBD” so-called imformed premise(s).

    Looking forward to the conversation.

    Holla back


  2. dana says:

    hip hop is the shit and detritus im talking about filling in the tunnels in the wake of g

    i do not consider it to involve high iq or creativity in any manner, compare it to the mathematical genius and precision of jazz. its persistence in time with no new developments and the failure of the black community to come up with a single new genre to supplant it in what, 30 years now? points to this

    blacks with brains have fully ceased participating in the arts as theyve all been mainstreamed into the academic and professional culture of the majority

  3. David Foster says:

    Finance and law have in recent years absorbed a disproportionate % of high-IQ people. Although these fields are necessary to a society such as ours, they should be reasonably-sized in relation to the economy as a whole: otherwise, they are like a badly-designed or lubricated steam-engine governor that absorbs 50% of the engine’s horsepower in order to perform its own control function.

    Re the clustering of talents, see creativity and location.

  4. dana says:

    ::facepalm::, oh yeh–finance and law — how could i forget those! again though fields based in cognitive realism, not the “creative arts”

  5. theobsidianfiles says:

    Hi Dana,
    The first question I must ask you is, how much do you actually KNOW about Hip Hop? My guess is “very little, if at all”. Therefore, it is quite necessary to ascertain your knowledge base in the area we are examining. Looking foward to discussing the matter with you.

    Holla back


    • dana says:

      Now that you have asked in a way not calculated to make me humiliate or “qualify” myself by answering you

      the first rap album i got was the 12″ of rapper’s delight when it came out, followed by white lines and the message. then there was a lull–when i went to public school in 1986-87 i got reexposed to hip hop and had mixed tapes with biz markie and eric b and rakim. then yo mtv raps came on and i PAID MONEY to order rap on the jukebox channel (lol im old)–poor righteous teachers, black sheep, jungle brothers, d nice, it takes two, oaktown 357, queen latifah, us3, dream warriors, digible planets and yes even “ya bad chubbs” by chubb rock which i cant believe i forgot about til i read your post. i know every word to “self destruction”. last rap tape i bought was nwa, after the chronic was released i lost interest in rap entirely

      you dont know me obsidian–you make to many assumptions that opinions you dont like are from ignorance, not intimate knowledge

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  7. Cannon's Canon says:

    this seems germane

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