Thomas Sowell, National Treasure

Segment 3 on marriage and gender, most interesting

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5 Responses to Thomas Sowell, National Treasure

  1. PA says:

    How cute, Dana’s first “some of my best friends are black” post 🙂

  2. OneSTDV says:

    @ PA:

    Hell, all us HBD bloggers have done this. Admittedly, it was my first thought too.

    Nonetheless, Sowell is an ally and he’s actually been mildly sympathetic to HBD (regarding his comments on Jensen).

  3. dana says:


    i dont want to kill all black people

    i just want to be allowed to say true things about them in peace

  4. BobW says:

    Professor Sowell is brilliant.

    For better or worse we Americans are stuck with each other. Blacks can no more go back to Africa than whites to Europe.

    Nobody but the racial preference Advocacy, Bureaucratic, and Commercial complex benefits when free speech about our real problems is stifled. Our oh so benevolent policies have created a dependent underclass. It won’t last. One way or another the jerrybuilt structure will collapse.

    Many things contribute to the creation of our underclass. Two are payroll taxes and employment regulatory compliance costs. They price low skilled and semiskilled citizen out of the labor market. The demand hasn’t gone away. It’s filled by the informal economy.

    “The road to he’ll is paved with good intentions.

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