Weekend Boredom Links

I may not get to post today so if you’re here because you’re bored and looking for stuff to read maybe these will help:

The Illustrated Road To Serfdom–Hayek’s classic as a pamphlet! Excellent!

Economics in One Lesson–Henry Hazlitt’s whole book in PDF form

Liberal Democracy vs. Transnational Progressivism: The Future of the Ideological
Civil War Within the West
–What do Obama and his cohorts really believe? Why do they appear so hostile to all that was previously termed “The American Way”? Transnational Progressivism explained

The Comprachicos by Ayn Rand–I know it’s imperative to hate on the bug-eyed Jewess of yore, but if you EVER read a better explication of how the modern Educational System deforms and destroys any young person with a mind, an ego and a will of their own I’ll eat my hat


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