On Not Seeing the Trees For The Forest, Or,Yes, Yes, It’s A Generalization, I Know–Now Go Make Me a Sandwich

A joke in the comments to my posting of the Thomas Sowell video put me in mind of the role of the INDIVIDUAL in the High Systematizing Mind. Why is it that a person can comfortably be a racist, racisty Race Realist and still admire Thomas Sowell at the same time? Doesn’t Thomas Sowell’s very existence PROVE that Black People are JUST as smart, capable and commensurable with high trust, technologically advanced civilization as White People and the Japanese? Shouldn’t you, upon entering a subway car full of Black Teens, view every individual Black as a nascent Thomas Sowell and not as this, you racist?

The refusal of certain people to think statistically (let’s call them Women for convenience–though apparently many of those ostensibly in possession of a wiener think this way too, though they’d have to prove it to me) makes it impossible to discuss the nature of reality with them.  Without generalizations there can be no Science and no discussion of anything but the most mundane attributes of reality–other individual people.  Has your wife or girlfriend every told you a long pointless story about some individual woman you DON’T know?  That’s what all conversation will become by fiat when our assimilation into the BORinG Collective is complete.

As a Race Realist I am FULLY AWARE that for EVERY stereotype I can discern there are outliers–dumb Jews who blow their money on time shares and collectible plates, Japanese men who are attracted to fully grown women, beautiful Black girls, Goyim who don’t drink, you know, exceptions!  DUH that’s HOW YOU DETERMINE A PATTERN.  If there were no individual differences how would you determine the SIMILARITIES? When you judge people by a stereotype you are NOT, contrary to what Women apparently “think”, permanently painting them with an immutable set of characteristics that you will not be swayed from irrespective of all evidence to the contrary.  It merely gives you a BASELINE judgment of how to proceed from which you can rapidly adjust as the evidence of the individual warrants. 

The refusal to generalize is a refusal to connect the dots.  It’s a refusal to interact with reality in a way that allows you to understand it.  As we all know, Understanding reality is Anathema to Women and will immediately cause a Woman to have one of those emotion thingies.  Have you ever tried to explain to a person that the feeling they describe as “Love” is not some numinous “feeling” floating around in the ether but is actually the release of Oxytocin and several neurotransmitters?  If you have you will have noticed two distinct reactions–a Man is immediately fascinated by this and accepts it as now obvious, a Woman rebels against the notion that reality is real because it makes her “Sad”.  Do you understand the seriousness of this dichotomy?  Here you are trying to understand the nature of reality so as to further Man’s ability to bend it to his will and create advanced technological society, so Women can watch the Lifetime Channel broadcast into their homes from SPACE, use the Information Superhighway to post pictures of their dogs on the internet and not die in Childbirth and the very METHOD by which you understand the Universe makes them SAD.

Uch,  if I was a Man I’d have to be gay just to get away from them.  My hat’s off to all of you.

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8 Responses to On Not Seeing the Trees For The Forest, Or,Yes, Yes, It’s A Generalization, I Know–Now Go Make Me a Sandwich

  1. OneSTDV says:

    Not only have I written the obligatory “Some of my best friends are black” post, but I’ve also written the “Damn, don’t you people understand STATISTICS” post as well:


    As to your point that’s it mostly women: I’d actually be more general and say it’s liberals.

  2. dana says:


    but mine is funnier 😉

  3. Gorbachev says:

    Liberal maginas sold the poison feminists spew also fall for this. And this type of reasoning.

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  5. DoesNotMatter says:

    Hey! It’s women like you who make it worthwhile for men like me to deal with all the others. If not for those such as you we’d have moved into a cave to meditate or gone off to tibet

  6. Eva says:

    Absolutely hilarious. I LOL’d. You are awesome. I am female as well and was absolutely blown away by taking a statistics course in college and then reading _The Bell Curve_. I cannot believe there is another female out there like me. It’s like you’re the twin I never had…I’m having one of those emotion thingies 😀 .

    But seriously, I’m also sad that apparently you do not have kids.

  7. Priyanka says:

    IQ is funny. India has a low median IQ. Yet over here, all the Indians are smart – engineers, programmers, doctors, i-bankers, business entreprenuers, etc. I guess that’s why they call it “brain drain”.

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