Nothing much to say today because I spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME already this morning arguing with 20 women and “men” in a chatroom about the role of attraction in common domestic violence scenarios–sooo frustrating:

Duty Calls


If you are bored and have never seen it, you can watch Milton Friedman’s Free to Choose series in toto here

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4 Responses to Monday

  1. aspiratingonreality says:

    HAHAHA! That IS you!

  2. dana says:

    lol no shit right? can you believe how wrong they were? good thing i was there to set everyone straight 😉

  3. Brit says:

    Actually, you do tend to set some straight..all joking aside. I enjoy the fact that you reject
    the bullshit and write about things you feel strongly on.
    keep on!

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