Weekend Boredom Reading–The Danimal Archive and Sexual Market Value Theory

If you like Roissy and have never read it, I can’t suggest the Danimal Archive any higher–it was my entre into the world of Sexual Market Value Theory and Roissysphere type ideas.

From Ilkka Kokkarinen’s (The Fourth Checkraise) description from his Archive:

The Danimal writes about everything between the Heaven and Earth, but common themes include sociobiology (especially the issues of sexual selection), science and technology (especially the possibility of building sex robots), automobiles and sprawl (he really opposes), bicycling (his transport method of choice), the fat acceptance movement (he really opposes) and Christianity (he is an atheist) and intelligence. His original concept of “Sexual Market Value” is very well-known in the Finnish blogosphere, where he has a number of ideological followers.

From his writings, I have been able to piecemeal together a picture of his life. Raised a fundamentalist Christian, his high intellect eventually led him to reject this faith and choose science and logic instead. As a Ph.D. who owns his own software company, he does well in the financial sense, but he has not been married nor does he own or need a car, riding his bicycle instead to keep in shape while dodging “lazy gaswasting terrorism supporters”. (As a voluntarily carfree person myself, I highly sympathise with this choice.)

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5 Responses to Weekend Boredom Reading–The Danimal Archive and Sexual Market Value Theory

  1. Tupac Chopra says:

    Do you remember me from back in the day, D?

  2. dana says:

    back in the day at roissy or back in the day philly hardcore scene? you had asked me about that

  3. Tupac Chopra says:

    Ah, if you you don’t follow given the context, I’ll conclude we’ve never met.

    Nicole might know what I mean, though.

  4. Business says:

    You couldnt be more factual

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