Weekend Boredom Post: Humor–“I’m an Ugly Girl:Michelle Obama” (Barbie Girl)

hahah listen to the lyrics:

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6 Responses to Weekend Boredom Post: Humor–“I’m an Ugly Girl:Michelle Obama” (Barbie Girl)

  1. PA says:

    O/T: Auster really needs to get acquainted with Game-related concepts. His description of Tiger Wood’s infidelities and conclusion that he ‘has no soul’ betrays a pre-pubescent’s insght into sex. Here is Auster on Woods:


    when we remember that each of Woods’s myriad girlfriends believed that she was the only one he really cared for, we realize that Woods had an exceptionable ability to compartmentalize himself and convince whichever woman he with of his sincerity,

    Duh! I don’t cheat on my wife, but I do let hot young girls flirt with me on occasion. When I’m in that zone, I too am aware of my “exceptionable ability to compartmentalize” myself and convince girls of my sincerity. Compartmentalizing is what men do.

    The impact of the interview is desolating. Nordegren thought she had a husband, a marriage, and a family, and found out she didn’t:

    Nordgren was a mudshark, and got what mudsharks get. Nothing else to analyze here.

    I’d comment on Auster’s site, but he doesn’t have a normal commenting setup, and I don’t feel like going through the email hassle.

  2. dana says:

    dude, austeria is either a closeted homosexual who refuses to be gay or is a total neuter. there is no evidence he has sexual congress wih women or even a passing familiarity with male/female interaction. he is prudish on an absurd level for anyone who is a baby boomer or up

  3. Brit says:

    Ok that was truly funny…vogueing w/ Ellen!

  4. Djp says:

    I haven’t been watching much American media lately, but last I was there they couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful and elegant Michelle is. My foreign gf, not stuck in American brainwashing, thought Michelle was hideous, and Laura Bush had quite a feminine attraction about her. Funny how there wasn’t nearly so much talk about Laura’s beauty over the years.

  5. dana says:


    the campaign to force white people to believe michelle obama was anything less than viscerally repulsive and to worship her hideous monkey man arms was the single most orwellian moment in US history. michelle obama is beautiful is the 2+2=5 of the early 21st century.

  6. LVD says:

    Michelle is no Gabrielle Union but she’s “moderately attractive”. Certainly not amongst the ugliest of First Ladies. I never got what the older generations saw in Jackie O, besides her fashion sense. Her face was appallingly asymmetrical and “odd”.

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