**UPDATED**On Obama Using the US Presidency as PENULTIMATE Step on the World Cursus Honorum

There was a lot of talk of Obama being the first “post racial” president, hilarious of course in the wake of the massive Great Reawakening of White Consciousness his presidency has provoked, but in truth he is America’s first post AMERICAN president.

The Birther’s have the right spirit, but wrong angle. Truth is, the sense one gets that he is “foreign” has NOTHING to do with whether he was born in Kenya or not.  My mother was born in Germany and came here when she was 2 years old and she is every bit as much of her generation (icky icky Boomers) as any red-blooded girl raised in a big East Coast city.  She imbibed the same culture as those around her, shares their memories and tastes to a T and her entire life was like a tv movie of growing up in the 60s.  Did Obama watch Gentle Ben and I Dream of Jeannie growing up as a kid in Indonesia?  Did he like the Beatles when he was 7, Sonny and Cher, Laugh In? What memories does he share with Sarah Palin (5 years his junior)of growing up?  What was his experience of the Moon Landing?  I can talk to anyone between the ages of 35-45 and come up with an endless list of shared cultural memes that defined our youths at various stages–can he?

The fact is that he wasn’t raised HERE and that his parents, stepfather AND grandparents who raised him were internationalists who owed allegiance NOT to a specific country but to a Universalist ideology.  The aura of aloofness he exudes is the detachment of an alien set over a people he finds coarse and vulgar, strange and primitive, unenlightened and wrong. Never in my lifetime have I seen a US president who didn’t seem to experience any sense of AWE at occupying the Office of the Presidency.  Here is my prediction why–He is NOT awed by it, because it is no longer the CULMINATION of a political career but in future (for DEMOCRATS ONLY) will be seen as a step on the career ladder leading to becoming UN Chief and THIS is his last goal, and he is IMPATIENT to get there because the icky gun-clinging, gross Christian white US rubes don’t appreciate or agree with him and they are so DEMANDING with their silly desire for individual liberty, private property and petty lust for self-determination.


David mentions the other people like Obama who feel exactly the same as him but DID grow up in the US.  Those people grew up in a private alien culture as well, a foreign country of the mind.  I can only liken it to my experience growing up Jewish as related a long time ago to Lawrence Auster:

I have been thinking about this issue a lot and it occurred to me recently that the very way in which Jewish kids are raised in America promotes this to such an extent that I don’t see how any Jews end up like you and me, pro-American, conservative, not hostile to the host country’s native people and traditions, etc.I was raised in a secular Jewish beatnik home. I went to private Jewish school until 10th grade and all of my parents” friends were Jewish “folkies” of their generation, consequently most of my friends were their children. I had almost no contact with non-Jews, unless they were in the “folk” community, which means they thought and acted like secular leftist Jews. I was raised in an culture wholly different from that of my fellow Americans.

It didn’t dawn on me until I was “not invited back” to my private school in the middle of tenth grade due to behavioral problems and had to go to public school that I was an stranger in a NORMAL land. I had none of the shared cultural memories and rituals of my non-Jewish classmates, Christmas and its associated tv specials, Easter egg hunts, church, big 4th of July and Memorial Day observances, going to certain beaches at the Jersey shore for the summer, like Wildwood. My new peers didn’t have MY memories either, like being given pot at 13 by old hippies at the Philadelphia Folk Festival I camped out at every year, having artsy types screen silent versions of “Nosferatu” on their parents” living room wall at parties, or being CONSTANTLY CONSTANTLY told they belonged to a unique and superior bloodline that was smarter and better in every way than the “Goyim,” who were stupid, uncultured hicks who paid too much for everything and drank all the time.

Basically, I guess in the end its not the JEWISHNESS per se, but the continuation of the diaspora Jewish culture that I suppose has sustained the Jews for so long, but also leads to their inevitable downfall every time. In the face of the existence of Israel, I don’t understand how Jews can continue to live as hostile aliens in every country they inhabit. If you want to practice an exclusionary unassimilable form of Jewish identity, go do it in Israel, what’s so hard about that?

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7 Responses to **UPDATED**On Obama Using the US Presidency as PENULTIMATE Step on the World Cursus Honorum

  1. David Foster says:

    No question about it, he doesn’t like us very much. It’s not just him, though…his core supporters, who I would guess are about 10-20% of the population, feel the same way, and most of them *did* grow up in the U.S.

    See my related post he’s just not that into us.

  2. dana says:

    yes david they did, but they grew up in an alternate universe of transnational progressive values. i can only liken it to the experience many have of growing up jewish in a christian country

    • Doug1 says:

      When did your first start becoming realist / conservative Dana?

      • dana says:

        hey doug–im not sure what youre asking? i was never ever a liberal. i have been an atheist with a scientific materialist bent for as long as i can remember, my dad has a philosophy and psychology degree and tortured me with thought experiments and “chairness” as i child, i played with inkblots and iq tests for fun–as a teen i flirted with fascism because of the skinhead thing, but that was short lived, college exposed me to anglo philosophy, hobbes, locke, smith, then max stirner from germany and then in law school i was one of three members of the federalist society in my class lol, sad
        is that an answer?

      • Doug1 says:

        Yuup, it is. Thanks.

  3. David Foster says:

    I suspect that much if not most of the alienation is a function of higher education–specifically, graduate education in subjects other than the hard sciences. This experience seems to lead to a sense of superiority and differentness, and a tendency to sneer at common human emotions: see my post an incident at the movies.

    Jews have of course always valued education highly: as higher education has become less substantive and more about indoctrination into a political worldview, this has become less of a Good Thing than it used to be. (I also think educational factors have at least as much to do as theology in Evangelical support for Israel: few Evangelicals are members of social groups that are within the force field of academia and its transmitters, such as PBS and the NYT)

    It is interesting and depressing to note that even in Israel, a country under real and constant threat, there is a substantial herd of left-wing academics who object to measures necessary for the country’s defense.

    • dana says:

      you just reminded me, i saw a bumper sticker the other day “PBS mind in a Fox News World” i wanted to ram them lol

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