I Have Been Parodied On the Interwebs


apparently crazy “Maria”, a frequent commenter at Lady Raine’s is the parody of me.  She felt the need to clarify this at her blog.   


Citizen Lemonade’s impression of me commenting on Roissy, I guess I made an impression since she only parodies a few people.

fuck you roissy is extremely attractive if i were forty years younger id bang him even though id only be two years old at the time although i dont approve of girls picking their own sexual partners im a brilliant lawyer so it doesnt apply to me so shut the fuck up everyone now

i love serial killers too they are the only men who can appreciate my mental state half the time does that make me hotter than all these dumb fuck gashes i hope so. if sexy alpha serial killers were in charge of the world we’d all be better off shut the fuck up anyone who disagrees.


Yep,  that’s pretty much nailed it

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10 Responses to I Have Been Parodied On the Interwebs

  1. There is something unspeakably sad about a parody blogger who sockpuppets in his own comment sections.

    • Dr. Deezee says:

      Manboobz is good for something – through its wicked collection of links I was able to somehow stumble upon this piece of commenting gold.

  2. Default User says:

    I was considering a “dana” entry in my “In the Style of” series. After putting up my In the Style of Roissy post, I was afraid people would think I was Citizen Lemonade/Sexy Pterodactyl. At least I try not to spam/sockpuppet my own comments section.

  3. I never said I would not sockpuppet on other blogger’s comments though.

  4. 10stds? says:

    I didn’t notice those ones over at that blog.

    Reads more like gunslingerssswhaevadafucklolz than you.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Please tell me you did not comment favorably about Roissy.

    • dana says:

      i commented extensively and favorably at roissy from about 2007-2010. i am grateful for the insights i received into the minds of men there and have put all of them to good use in my marriage

      • Jennifer says:

        I certainly hope most men are not like Roissy. Glad you found some insight from other men in the midst of the sewer.

      • dana says:

        so are you going to explain your issue with roissy? not one thing he says is controversial in science or outside feminist/churchianity circles

  6. Jennifer says:

    Other than the fact that he’s trash and promotes lying, manipulation, emotional using and sometimes cheating? A bastard of the lowest sort? Yeah, if a woman’s attached to you and you start to be aloof, she will try harder; that doesn’t mean you doing so will help the relationship or strengthen it.

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