Why the Tea Party Candidate Gains in the Primaries Tell Us NOTHING About the Coming Election

…or worse yet, tells us that Republicans will lose in a year they seemed destined to retake at least the House.

While it’s very exciting to see a new generation take over an ossified, out of touch party, the nationalization of congressional elections has become annoying.  Didn’t anyone learn anything from the spectacle of conservatives flipping out because a guy with a truck and a square jaw won Kennedy’s vacant seat?  How’s that voting record doing, Mr. Brown?

The Tea Party movement is not one of the general populace, but one of disaffected CONSERVATIVES in a time when the Republican establishment has moved so far to the Left it has truly become like the 50’s democrats.  This shouldn’t surprise everyone, remember Reagan famously said “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The party left me.”  The party has increasingly become controlled by disaffected SOCIALLY conservative democrats of yore who have consistently moved our country to the left by compromising with the increasingly shrill and openly Marxist Democrats because they fundamentally agree with them on what the government should be doing, they just disagree on scale.  They have traded our entire domestic policy for getting their way on defense.  They haven’t even achieved any of the SOCIALLY conservative goals, Roe v Wade overturned yet?  Uh, no.  Good job wasting every particle of political capital a Republican was ever able to obtain on that one guys, lotta bang for your buck there.

That traditional US Conservatism LITERALLY has NOTHING to offer single women/NAMS is never addressed.  What interest do they have in individual liberty and economic freedom?  Women are naturally collectivist, conformist, altruist in general morality, possessed of low future time orientation and NAMS come from cultures that have no relationship to the Scottish Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution and Classical Liberalism.  This is why all appeals to women and NAMS from the “Right” consist of saying Republicans will do the same things for them Dems Will do but BETTER and NEVER of explaining why traditional conservative principles of individual liberty and free market economics will benefit them more in the long run.  Why were the centerpieces of George W Bush’s presidency Bigger Government, not less?  No Child Left Behind?  Prescription Drug Coverage?  His attempt to grant amnesty to millions of NAM illegals?  Wow, what a wild-eyed right-wing nut he was and he is STILL held up as some sort of conservative anti-government bugaboo by the insane Left–he was more liberal than CLINTON, for god’s sake. 

The truth is as long as single women and NAMS have the full franchise there is NO possibility of fighting creeping socialism.  They are the Welfare State’s chief beneficiaries.  The Tea Party at best may be laying the groundwork for the political foundation of the coming Midwestern Whitopia that will follow the break up of the Federal Government.

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24 Responses to Why the Tea Party Candidate Gains in the Primaries Tell Us NOTHING About the Coming Election

  1. sestamibi says:

    Magnificent, Dana. You hit a home run with this one!

  2. Justin says:

    Whitopia wont stay that way for long. The NAMs follow the jobs.

  3. dana says:

    whitopia wont have to allow them in at all

    • roofer says:

      What is “white”? Are jews white? are Roma white? What if one great-grandsomething was black?

      • dana says:

        yeh, we dont have a real big gypsy population here–so who cares. it will be up to the organizers of the future countries on the US landmass who qualifies as whatever they define themselves as–not me. the world doesnt revolve around miniscule minorities

      • B Lode says:

        Leave it up to local laws. There are enough localities in the world that everyone will be accommodated in many places.

  4. B Lode says:

    Limiting the franchise to net taxpayers is one option. I myself would not support limiting voting rights based on gender or race per se, but I don’t have any problem with subcontinental multistate regions having the power to keep people out for whatever reasons they choose. At that point, any number of “Whitopias” will be able to maintain their tranquility and prosperity.

    Another option is only allowing legislators at a given level of government to be chosen at random from the next lower level. So, you can keep universal suffrage but only for county elections; random county elected officials make up your state legislature; random state legislators make up Congress.

    I’m not saying there is enough support for huge sweeping reforms like these now, but I do think we should try to get them in the public’s head so if/when the world as we know it ends, we will have some alternative to various forms of tyranny. In other words, if your average righty has an answer to, “I know democracy is a failure, but it’s better than dictatorship, and what other alternative are there?”, I will consider that a major improvement.

    If you’re interested in a longer-winded version of the above, the executive summary to a detailed proposal is on my blog.

  5. The Ghost of James Caan says:

    Great post, I largely agree with your analysis, although it seems ethnic nationalism and franchise restriction will be a very hard sell among whites (to say nothing of the NAMs and women), however wise it may be.


  6. I don’t care what we call the party, as soon as someone starts to fully embrace small business and lower taxes for people who actually create jobs, I am supporting whomever is closest to that movement.

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  9. fail says:

    What’s going to happen in the future is what is good for Big Business. Globalization is business, nothing more, nothing less.

    MNCs want slave labor. That’s not legally feasible anymore so they want the next best thing: cheap labor. Cheap labor is good for big business. Whatever is good for big business is good for the United States.

    Follow the money. There’s your answer for “what will the future look like?”

    What will happen to “middle class Americans”?… the white collar ones will continue to work in middle management. Labor jobs will go to the cheapest bidder so if a working class American does not want to be educated for a middle management position, he or she will have to be willing to do labor really, really cheap.

    That’s all folks. Either you are a CEO or close to it of an MNC, middle management therein OR uber-cheap labor. The only other alternative will be going into business for yourself which the internet has made easier to do than every before in terms of reaching potential clientele. Still, there is no guarantee of a regular income that route.

    What will happen in the future? Follow the money.

  10. dana says:

    yeh ew

    “big’ business

    fuck them, they should all shut down and we should go back to trading grain for horseshoes, that was great for the middle class…wait, what middle class? oh, yeh

  11. fail says:

    In the long run I think it’s good business for regular folk to. Technology is already transforming the world and making it smaller. There is no turning back. Asians will take over middle and upper management, as well as science, technology and medicine. Non-Asian immigrants, legal or barely, will take over labor.

    What will there be left for middle and lower class native born Americans?

    Entreprenurialship – made available to us through the internet, globalization and communications technology.

    Our small, local businesses can go global now, and indeed they already are.

    I really think that’s the future for lower-middle class Americans of average or better intelligence.

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  13. PA says:

    Asian supremacists are funny. Is “fail” also known as Desi / Bag Lady, the ever-banned Roissysphere troll and permanent squatter at Lady Raine’s?

  14. fail says:

    Nope. And I’m not an “Asian Supremist” whatever that is. First time hearing it. Anybody with 2 brain cells to rub together can see where this country (and the world) is headed.

    Actually I made a mistake in the above. Asians will not take over middle management. That will be the domain of White and Black women.

    Asians will take over science, technology, space, etc.

    Mexicans will take over labor.

    The rest of us will have to go the creative entrepreneur route.

  15. PA says:

    You’re making three huge errors in your reasoning. One, you’re extrapolating the future in straight lines based on curent trends that are a historic anomaly. Two, you’re assuming that a race-based multicaste society is a stable arrangement, and three, you’re assuming white IQ is clustered at 100 and not distributed far into both ends of the bell curve.

  16. PA says:

    An opposite prediction — with no claims to my being a futurist — is that the whiter-looking South Asians and Hispanics will intermarry with whites, de-facto whites like light skinned Muslims will secularize and also merge with whites, and there might be a crumbling socialism / Eurabia-flight huge white influx from Western Europe into the US, boosting middle class white numbers, plus a continuing flow from Eastern Europe.

    Blacks will remain a distinct group at around 10-13% of the population as they always have been, and the more Mestizo Hispanics will either leave, or stick around and self-segregate in dwindling numbers, like the earlier indigeneous Indians.

    I don’t see any North American Unions because continent-sized political entities are stable and governable for no more than two generations, if that. Some are dead on arrival, as I suspect would be the case in North America.

  17. PA says:

    East Asians will also intermarry with whites, with their descendants eventually looking white white a hint of Oriental.

  18. PA says:

    Another possible scenario: given that elites change with the times and generational successions, America’s governing ideology, for reasons not even known to its elites, morphs into a more masculine form and encourages via approaches, a reconstitution of this country into a white entity, including carrot/stick-driven emigration of non-whites.

  19. Laura says:

    I’ve always understood that the reason the Soviet Union had so many problems was because it was just too big and diverse to be ruled by a single government. I am starting to think this is also the case for the United States.

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