Weekend Boredom Links: News Cycle Dead, Science and Philosophy Live On

Nothing is inspiring me to write–there is an odd, choked dead feeling in the air of politics and the news cycle.  Hopefully, this is the calm before a tsunami of Congressional unseatings.  In the meantime, here’s some stuff to read!

Attenborough and Dawkins, together at last

Do Science and Religion conflict with each other? Roger Scruton on EvPsych

The Power of Paternalism

Further analysis of Environmentalism as Religion

David Gelernter on how to forestall a futue “machine rights” movement among robots

Ship of Fools: Why Transhumanism is the Best Bet to Prevent the Extinction of Civilization

Analysis of the underlying metaphysical issues of the Tea Party Movement–True? dunno, Interesting? yes

On the “hostile wife” phenomenon in Cryonics or, Women are controlling bitches even after death!

Have a Great Weekend!

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