Things My Husband Says to Me #7

In discussion of why public schools even still exist at all, given how poorly they are serving their purpose: “come on man, single moms need SOME place to dump their kids so they can continue to party and get laid”

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17 Responses to Things My Husband Says to Me #7

  1. fail says:

    Except that the hours of public school are not the same hours when single parents party and get laid. It’s the same as their working hours.

    Husband FAIL.

  2. dana says:

    yeh, duh

    ah well

  3. PA says:

    Not a complete fail. Single motehrs aren’t sorority girls in heels on the carousel. They’re generic-cola drinking, potato-chip munching creatures that barely resemble a human being letting male layabouts drop in for visits between Rikki Lake and Wheel of Fortune. That’s what he meant by “party.”

  4. dana says:

    yeh he was thinking of waitresses and third shift nurses and layabouts who collect child support. not women who work 9-5

  5. fail says:

    Third shift nurses barely have to time to breathe, what to speak of “party”. Waitresses who work at night would be napping while their kids are in school.

    Men can get by on less sleep than women so I’d say it’s single dads doing the partying, especially since they rarely get full custody or even bonafide part-time custody.

    Yep, the numbers are in – single dads are partying and getting laid more.

  6. dana says:

    you are right, there is no way single moms are whores because they are too busy workign really really hard to provide for their precious kids from 4 different dads–because of course, they dont get any child support and the dads are totally not drinking themselves to death in rented rooms as their confiscated paychecks dwindle away to nothing because the whores “werent in love anymore” and left them

  7. fail says:

    I know a few women who get child support but it’s not that much, at all. It covers some food and some clothes – finito. They still have to work full time in order to pay rent/mortgage and all the other expenses like medical, etc. I know a few women who have custody of one child while the ex has custody of the other – neither spouse gets child support. And then a few where the ex-husband has full custody and the ex-wife pays full child support.

    The old meme of the woman getting full custody, a big alimony and large child support checks are a thing of the past. It just doesn’t work that way for most folk, unless they are wealthy upper class or celebrity status.

    • slwerner says:

      fail – “The old meme of the woman getting full custody, a big alimony and large child support checks are a thing of the past.”

      Speaking of “fails”, it seems that fail fails – badly. This just in from Ireland (and rather indicative of what is happening through the Anglosphere, if not teh entire Western World), and by a woman researcher, no less:
      Husbands the losers in divorce cases”

    • LoboSolo says:

      Do you know the actual amount these women are getting or are you just taking their word for it? The percentage varies from state to state and whether it is applied to gross income or net … but, for instance, in TN, it is 21% for one child. Now, unless her ex is living in poverty, that easily will come out to be about $400-500/month (tax free). The middle class fathers that I know pay more than that per month. You can buy a lot more than clothes and food for $500/month.

      And don’t forget, CS … in theory … covers the man’s HALF of expenses for the child.

      Years ago, an economist in NJ (and I as well) figured out that the avg child support should be less than $200/month. Given inflation since then … I would guess guess that would be less than $250 nowadays.

  8. Laura says:

    My kids go to public school. They actually used to do a very good job of educating people and turning out good citizens. They have gotten too expensive and the teacher’s union has too much power. So far I’ve had good experiences, but I live in a nice town. I would be really angry if I lived in a place with bad public schools and still had to pay the school taxes. I do feel a little bad that people without children in the schools have to pay such high school taxes, mine are close to $5,000/year. They just have too many support type positions and administration positions and it costs a lot of money.

  9. dana says:

    laura–imagine how whites in philly who have to send their kids to catholic and private schools to keep them from being murdered feel

  10. Laura says:

    I know. The Philadelphia school system is a nightmare.

  11. dana says:

    seriously. i went to a philly public school for the last 2.5 yrs of high school after “not being invited back” to private jew school–even in the honors classes it was like going from college to a kindergarten in prison overnight

  12. Laura says:

    I know someone who wasn’t as smart as you are and he went to Philadelphia public schools for a short time. He said a teacher told him he was one of the brightest student she had seen in years.

  13. B Lode says:

    I mentioned violence against Asians in Philadelphia schools at Mangan’s, because a Chinese commenter has such a different take on it from mine.
    I’d appreciate your take on it. Is there a chance in Hades the black students’ attacks on Chinese-American students wasn’t racially motivated?

  14. i’m a dumb broad! yay me!

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