Mini Annoyance Meltdown at Onestdv and Follow Up to Comments There

SO a post about how whites are starting to not fear speaking up about blacks at Onestdv’s place led to me having a bit of a dustup over the immediate responses blaming the jews. I wrote:

yep packs of wild blacks are killing and beating whites all over the country and I’m the asshole for being born a jew after the civil rights movement i had nothing to do with and don’t give a flying fuck about.

idee fixe much?

it will be the jews on the vanguard of the reaction, just like it was ostensibly jews on the vanguard of the civil rights movement, why–because jews are just usually on the vanguard of any movement and that’s why we get the blame. why don’t you all stop to ask why WHITE MEN have allowed these monkeys to cuckold the country for 50 years. 5 jews may have led the civil rights movement, or whatever, but WHO ROLLED OVER FOR THE HAG FEMINISTS AND SCHVUGS? you controlled it…what did you get out of turning it over, the promise of free pussy? better drugs? the next time some guy gets an urge to shoot up a bunch of cameltoe at an aerobics studio, why doesn’t he go down to 33rd and mantua and take a bunch of the real enemy out.

this is just getting annoying. im not a jew in 1964 . im not fucking abbie hoffman or bella abzug FUCK them, hitler should have killed their fucking parents. im american and i hate what this fucking asshole obama is doing to this country and i can’t take the lame dated “blacks are killing everyone and turning the US into detroit?? must be the jews!!!” bullshit anymore. whatever, who cares.

After a few days and a bunch of comments I felt compelled to write a follow up there that will probably never be seen, so I will reproduce it here for posterity:

for what its worth now that this thread is dead old and derailed–especially to lefty dan’s comment–

id rather be hated for the wrong reasons by these good white men who love their culture and want their country back than loved by race traitor, pussy-worshipping beta queer fag liberal douches for ANY reason.

i just think they are WRONG about “jews”, not evil, bad or crazy. when i hear PUA and man-o-sphere talk about how women think and act i say “yes, thats what we are like, its so true” because it reflects not only my experience of being a woman but my life of DEALING with them as a woman who thinks a lot like a man.

but when i read their descriptions of how “jews” think, it is alien and rings false after a LIFETIME of being raised in a jewy jewy world or jewish private school and jewish lefty folkies–i KNOW what we think of nonjews and i know what we think of ourselves and our place on the planet and you know what, theres a lot of it that’s no fucking good but NONE of it tracks what the kevin macdonald WN type people SAY we think and do.

now why is it everything the same types of men say about women rings true and everything they say about jews rings false? am i less inclined to see the truth about jews than my own gender? doubtful i hate the eXACT same things in lefty jews that the WNs do–i just think they are blaming the FLEAS for what the DOG does–the DOG is yankee progressive social gospel busybody altruistic universalist do-gooderism MARRIED to the COMMUNISM continental EUROPEANS brought with them here from more than just “jewry”. it came from italian and germans and all manner of CONTINENTAL cultures who were ALREADY antotheticalto the british founding philosophies and populations of the US

so to the pat’s and svigor’s of the anglosphere–if there ever comes a time you feel you have to get rid of the jews to take your country back ill be sad to leave and ill cheer for you from wherever i am able to get to before the shit hits the fan–but i hope you are at least investigating whether there is a more insidious evil aligned against you from your own white power elites and their oppressive atheistic superchristianity then there has ever been from us

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14 Responses to Mini Annoyance Meltdown at Onestdv and Follow Up to Comments There

  1. Drexler says:

    Jews have no place in Conservative Euro-American identity politics.

    • dana says:

      yes germany and poland and hungary are not europe therefor emy ancestors didnt come from europe and neither did all the blue eyes see through skinned people in my family

      my family and i are whiter than any person from southern europe so i hope that holds true for them too

      guess what, ashkenazi jews are european

      suck it

      • Drexler says:

        Your ancestors may be from Germany, Poland, and Hungary, but they aren’t German, Polish, or Hungarian. They’re Jews, Semites.

        Semites with low levels of European admixture I would guess which would account for the occasional blue eyes.

        Europeans are Indo-European. An African or a Jew or an Asian who lives in Germany is not “German.”

  2. dana says:

    yes im familiar with the handstands your type go through to remove jews from 1000 years of european histry as a european ethne. im sure anyone with a drop of magyar or slav blood is still “european” though, right? finns are turkic and speak a ural-altaic language, are they “european”?–ashkenai jews are a specifically european ethne, no more or less than any other eastern european ethne–what they arent is WESTERN EUROPEAN like the founding population of the US–all european ethnes have different prominent mtdna profile more or less closely related. we have some middle eastern mtdna, big deal–so do other groups who arent middle eastern.

    anyway i will identify as a white american of european descent until such time as YOU are in power and can say otherwise, because now you’re like, just a dude on the intertubes

  3. Drexler says:

    Hungarians and Finns don’t speak Indo-European languages but they are racially indistinguishable from Europeans as can be seen from just looking at them. Slavs are Indo-European.

    How “European” is Ariel Sharon 100% Ashkenazi? Or Ehud Barak 100% Ashkenazi? etc. The answer to both would be not at all. You’re a Middle Eastern people.

    You can claim your place as a “White American” a meaningless term which you can share with all of the Mestizos, Arabs, Iranians, Turks, Afghanis etc. which also claim it.

  4. dana says:

    will do, thanks

  5. SFG says:

    I have to say, I always thought I was white until I discovered the alt-right; I just figured Jewish liberalism was one of those annoying ethnic traits, like Irish alcoholism, Italian mafia-ism, German gluttony, or WASP repression.

  6. SFG says:

    I’m curious: how do you think the WN/KMac conception differs from reality? I grew up in NYC, so I have some idea, but have no formal Jewish education so…

  7. Drexler says:

    The Irish, Italians, Germans, and English all speak an Indo-European language. They are all natives of the European continent, and they all share similar religious traditions (Christianity) The Jews are 0-3 on those things.

    “KMac” and friends are trying to figure out why Jews are so heavily involved in things like Civil Rights, Gay Rights, Bolshevism in the early 20th century, Feminism, Neoconservatism, Liberalism, etc. It seems that any time a hateful ideology is assaulting the traditions of a society Jews make up a disproportionately large percentage of the vanguard of said ideology. It’s a good question. Kmac believes it is a evolutionary strategy, who knows?, I don’t claim to.

  8. GCG says:

    Ha, another spot-on post.

  9. Om Sweet Om says:

    Drexler writes, “Europeans are Indo-European. An African or a Jew or an Asian who lives in Germany is not “German.”

    What about South Asians who put the “Indo” in Indo-European?

    I don’t have much regard for and certainly no interest in the Abrahamic traditions, however out of the 3 I respect Judaism the most because at least its not on some missionary agenda trip to turn the whole planet into a One World Religious Mono-Culture like Christianity and Islam are.

    • dana says:

      thats because it is particularistic, not universalist

      • Om Sweet Om says:

        I am anti-one world order and pro-religious freedom. Therefore I am anti-universalist, hence anti-Islam and anti-Christianity.

        This doesn’t mean I don’t respect individual Muslims and Christians. I have a few of both in my family and I love them dearly and respect their right to choose and practice the religions of their fancy.

        As long as they respect my right to do the same, its all good.

        The minute they start with conversion tactics – forgeddaboutit.

        I don’t believe in “religious tolerance”. I believe in “mutual respect”.

        As long as a Christian or Muslim respects my freedom of religious choice, I will respect their freedom of religious choice (not necessarily their religion though).

  10. Ben says:

    Fellow Jew.

    Spot on.

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