Reply to a Comment Regarding Jews Speaking a Non-Indo-European Language And Why are Jews So Involved in the Left in the US

In the comments to my last post Drexler wrote:


The Irish, Italians, Germans, and English all speak an Indo-European language. They are all natives of the European continent, and they all share similar religious traditions (Christianity) The Jews are 0-3 on those things.

“KMac” and friends are trying to figure out why Jews are so heavily involved in things like Civil Rights, Gay Rights, Bolshevism in the early 20th century, Feminism, Neoconservatism, Liberalism, etc. It seems that any time a hateful ideology is assaulting the traditions of a society Jews make up a disproportionately large percentage of the vanguard of said ideology. It’s a good question. Kmac believes it is a evolutionary strategy, who knows?, I don’t claim to.

My response:

Ashkenazi Jews spoke YIDDISH from approximately the 10th century on in Europe. Yiddish is a low declension German dialect with some Slavic and Hebrew vocabulary. Hebrew was a dead liturgical language like church Latin until Theodore Herztl resurrected and reconstructed it as a modern spoken language in the late 19th century as part of the Zionist movement–so sorry, no dice–Jews speak a DISTINCTLY Indo-European language, no more or less than English or Afrikaans. My grandparents spoke YIDDISH at home and it was my mother’s first language. The first Jew in my family to learn spoken Hebrew was ME– whoops!

My grandmother was born in Poland in 1919. You had 3 choices as a Jew, be Orthodox, be a Communist, be a Zionist. That was it. There was no choice to be a “British classical liberal” a la Locke, there was no choice to be in the John Birch Society or study the US constitution. They came from a place with its OWN politics and brought those politics here, no more or less than the Italians and Irish did–BECAUSE THEY WERE EUROPEAN IMMIGRANTS JUST LIKE THEM. There was ALREADY A BURGEONING white COMMUNIST and PROGRESSIVE movement here–the SPECIFIC SUBSET OF JEWS who were CONTINENTAL COMMUNISTS brought their COMMUNISM with them here and MELDED IT with the ALREADY EXISTING communism here. They got involved in the labor and civil rights movements because they were COMMUNISTS not because they were JEWS. Communism is an atheistic Christian heresy.

You are right about them not sharing a religion, THAT’S WHY the culturally exhausted Jews of Eastern Europe converted en masse to COMMUNISM.   FOR THE FIRST TIME they were afforded the opportunity to enter a UNIVERSALISTIC, ALTRUISTIC, non-Jewish or Muslim religion WITHOUT accepting the faiths of the People’s who tried to FORCIBLY convert them. By converting to COMMUNISM instead of CHRISTIANITY they were finally able to shrug off their insular, ancient, alienating ethnic religion and JOIN and ASSIMILATE to a new paradigm. It was a REJECTION OF JUDAISM not part and parcel of it. The “right wing” Jews of Europe became ZIONISTS, not American Tea Party people, you know why? BECAUSE THEY WEREN’T IN AMERICA, they were in POLAND and LITHUANIA. Zionism was the “National Socialism” of the Jews. This reflects the ideological war of EUROPE at the time, Universalist Communism vs. ethnonationalistic Socialism, Guess which group came here? Hint: the answer is NOT THE ZIONISTS.

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26 Responses to Reply to a Comment Regarding Jews Speaking a Non-Indo-European Language And Why are Jews So Involved in the Left in the US

  1. Drexler says:

    From your link: the oldest Yiddish document is dated to 1272. This is not an ancient language, it isn’t the native language of the region. 200 years after this document Columbus would be landing in the West Indies. That the descendants of Middle Eastern immigrants picked up some of the Germanic languages spoken by those living around them doesn’t make them European.

    You’d like to believe Jewish history began in the 10th Century A.D. But you know that the origin of those Yiddish speakers is the Middle East.

    Is not the Jewish homeland in the Levant? The Middle East? That is what the Jews keep telling everyone, “The historical homeland of the Jewish people is Israel.” So which is it? Is the Jewish homeland Israel or Baden-Wurttemberg?

    • dana says:

      ok you cant read and are intellectually dishonest so im done attempting discussion with you after this post. at no point did i say yiddish was an ancient language and i didn’t say jewish history began in the 10th centurym i said it was the indo european language spoken by ashkenazi jews, so you just made that up. ASHKENAZI JEWS DIDNT EXIST UNTIL THE JEWS ENTERED EUROPE IN GREAT NUMBERS and you know what? hungarians didnt exist til the magyars and huns, and poles didnt exist til the slavs moved in and PEOPLE MOVE AROUND AND ESTABLISH NEW POPULATIONS. england was invaded by germans, so was france, the romans ostensibly invaded the etruscans from troy. there ar eno fixed pure populations almost anywher eon earth

      no one is disputing that at some point the jewish people originated in “the levant” nor am i disputing they belong to an eastern european CLADE that contains a lot of levantine mtdna, as you move farther EAST you get more NON EUROPEAN ADMIXTURE in ALL the clades — i am disputing that jews arent WHITE or european, because they DEMONSTRABLY ARE. thats why JEWS unlike BLACKS always needed to be forced to wear IDENTIFYING GARMENTS in the countries that wanted to isolate them WITHOUT DISTINCTIVE GARB they are hard to distinguish, why? because they are white and european.

  2. SFG says:

    It’s a bit of a tricky question, because our ancestors are Middle Eastern…but there’s obviously been heavy European admixture.

    Of course, this is a cover for the political question of Jewish leftism. You don’t see them get quite as upset over Chinese-Americans, who are undeniably non-European.

  3. SFG says:

    I mean, if you asked 9 out of 10 Americans whether Indians or Jews were whiter…

  4. Drexler says:

    I can relate to your frustration, you apparently have an issue with comprehension. I’ll try one last time to help you out. The Jews are a Middle Eastern people, you are not a European people. European tribes are native to the continent of Europe, not the Middle East. European tribes come from similar religious traditions whether Heathen Polytheism or Christianity. European tribes speak languages that are all from the same language family, they are called the Indo-European Languages. Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, English, Swedish, Latin, Polish, Russian, Greek, Czech, etc. all Indo-European languages.

    What European tribes don’t speak are Semitic languages. Semitic languages originate in the Middle East. That some Jewish immigrants in Central Europe learned some German doesn’t make them German or European it makes them Semites who learned another language. An Algerian who goes to France and learns French is not then French he is a Semitic Middle Easterner in France who knows the language of France. Much like your ancestors.

    The closest existing tribe to Jews would be Arabs. Arabs and Jews both speak semitic languages, they have similar middle eastern religious traditions (halal/kosher) (Europeans consume pork) And they are ethnically similar. Ehud Barak (100% Ashkenazi) and Saddam Hussein look like they could be brothers do they not? Bashar Assad looks “whiter” or more “European” than any Israeli Prime Minister for that matter.

    Why don’t you stop trying to be something you’re not crybaby.

  5. Jononaymous says:

    Yiddish is as old many European languages (older than any English you can understand). Ashkenazim still aren’t ethnic Europeans.

  6. SFG says:

    I love the Internet. I used to think I was white on account of my pasty skin tone, but apparently I was wrong.

    I have to say, before discovering the alt-right I was actually broadly sympathetic to white racial positions, but now am convinced I will wind up in an oven. Good luck, boys.

  7. Drexler says:

    As whiteness is defined by the American Govt. you’re correct in considering yourself “white.” All Semites are “white” in the USA, Arabs and Jews both.

    You can certainly join the nearly 85% of Jewish Americans who are leftists if you have a grudge against the alt-right. Talking about “ovens” is melodramatic and silly.

  8. SFG says:

    Too late to do anyone any good, but apparently Finns, Estonians, and Hungarians, who are white by most criteria, don’t speak a Proto-Indo-European language either.

    • dana says:

      ok, i’ve come to realize that when american WN’s say “white” the really mean “western european of british or scandinavian/german descent”–exclusively. therefore by definition ashkenazi jews can’t be “white”, only caucasian at best. so i guess there’s no point in supporting white people, white culture, white power or white politics no matter how white you feel or how much you identify with the plight and cultural mores of the “white”. but of course if you DONT support those things you’re an evil joo, so basically theres no winning, keep to yourself and be ready to go at the drop of a hat

      • SFG says:

        Plight and cultural mores of the ‘white’? You mean the average middle-class American of European descent? They seem to think Jews are white, if liberal. You can be a mainstream Republican. They’re not terribly antisemitic and they support immigration restriction, etc. I’m just p.o.ed about the Iraq War, which I think was a monstrous loss of blood and treasure.

        Frankly, I always thought I was white too. I mean, I’m paler than a peach. I think the point is that the only people actually willing to stand for white *racial* identity are Nazis and hemi-Nazis, so you can’t have a white group without Nazis.

        There’s *European* culture–Irish, Italian, German, Greek, French, etc.–but ‘white’ culture is an American creation born of the fact that they wanted to keep separate from black people. (And if you’ve ever lived in a big city you can understand why…)

      • dana says:

        i live in philadelphia and grew in a black neighborhood lol, maybe that’s why i feel so white!

  9. Drexler says:

    Finns, Estonians, & Hungarians are the descendants of European peoples unlike Jews who are the descendants of Semitic peoples. How they came to be speaking non-indo-european languages is anyone’s guess. They probably had a non-European ruling class for a short time.

    What WN’s mean when they say “white” is white European. So no not just Brits, Scandinavians or Germans. But also, Polish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Hungarian, Finnish, Croats etc. Most but perhaps not all Italians, Greeks, Spanish as well.

    Go check out the boards at Stormfront (the biggest WN site on the web) there are boards for Italians, Spanish, Portuguese, Croatians, French, Irish, Dutch, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Russians, South Africans, & Hungarians. Hardly evidence that American WN’s don’t accept these people as “white.”

    What isn’t there is a board for Ashkenazi, and there never will be, because you aren’t one of us. Your origins lay outside of Europa.

    • SFG says:

      No, I’m giving a counterexample. Finns, Estonians, and Hungarians speak Finno-Ugric languages, likely because the original inhabitants of the lands were from a different tribe than the Indo-Europeans. My point is that the Indo-European bit doesn’t work, because they don’t have boards for Indians or Iranians. (Iran=’Aryan’; same root)

      What it’s REALLY about is conservative White Christian civilization. Jews spent too much time in bed with the Left, that’s why we’re anathema.

      • Om Sweet Om says:

        “What it’s REALLY about is conservative White Christian civilization. ”

        Conservative white Christians comprise a small minority of whites in the USA. I don’t know what their birth rates are like, if they are reproducing at replacement levels or not.

        Buddhism is the fastest growing religion amongst white Americans today.

  10. IHTG says:

    Hey, what about the Maltese? Semitic-speaking Europeans.

    Seriously: I would say that the WN definition of “white” is not practical for effective alliance-building.

    But then, what definition is? “Whiteness” itself is a losing issue, no matter how you definite it. Find a different way.

    • SFG says:

      It works pretty well in the Midwest. Antisemitism’s main coalitional problem is that it’s associated with Nazis, who launched the most destructive war in European (and human) history, got their country split in half for 50 years, and gave racism a bad name for years to come. Really. Hitler f***ed up white culture BAD.

      Practically, their main error was to assume Germany could take on the world. They gambled big and lost. Germany’s geopolitical situation does not allow it to go it alone; it has too many rival powers in close proximity. They are now succeeding in dominating Europe by industry where they failed to do so by arms. I can’t really say I mind; they’re not trying to kill me anymore.

      • IHTG says:

        What do you mean by that? Midwesterners aren’t white nationalists.

      • SFG says:

        I shouldn’t say ‘pretty well’. They were able to build a moderate-size movement. But, yes, most Midwesterners aren’t white nationalists, and would probably not get all that upset at minorities who aren’t trying to mug them.

  11. Roofer Ed says:

    Remember this: whites are a minority in the world.

    • dana says:

      a minority that creates and sustains advanced technological civilization. good luck without em

      • SFG says:

        East Asians (Chinese/Korean/Japanese) seem to be able to sustain advanced technological civilization as well, though of course they copied it from us. Not sure about the rest of the world.

  12. GCG says:

    To address the substance of this post, this makes so much sense. I came to this same conclusion on my own, but to see a Jew confirm my hunch is nice.

  13. Om Sweet Om says:

    We’ve reached saturation point technologically. What we need now is to build an actual culture. I’m talking about the USA.

  14. Gray Liddell says:

    Wow, you can still comment.
    Here is Mike Wallace at .20 being nonwhite.

  15. Gryphius says:

    Interesting perspective, thanks! A few conservative Jewish bloggers with sympathy for the manosphere and for traditional Western views are needed in order to get a more balanced view on the influence of Jews in the Western world.

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