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On “Disgust” and Politics

Today, The Audacious Epigone blogged about the Haidt Morality dimensions questionnaire and the “disgust” dimension. It’s interesting he brought this up because I thought a lot about this after taking the tests years ago. (Tests– My sense is that one’s … Continue reading

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If Women “Love Children” Soooooooooo Much…

…why is it almost everything that’s considered a primary “Women’s Issue” revolves around preventing, aborting or postponing having children or ensuring they can have other people care for their children while they run off to do more fulfilling work. How … Continue reading

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Reply to a Comment Regarding Jews Speaking a Non-Indo-European Language And Why are Jews So Involved in the Left in the US

In the comments to my last post Drexler wrote:   The Irish, Italians, Germans, and English all speak an Indo-European language. They are all natives of the European continent, and they all share similar religious traditions (Christianity) The Jews are … Continue reading

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Mini Annoyance Meltdown at Onestdv and Follow Up to Comments There

SO a post about how whites are starting to not fear speaking up about blacks at Onestdv’s place led to me having a bit of a dustup over the immediate responses blaming the jews. I wrote: yep packs of wild … Continue reading

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The pink tie is the powdered wig of our time.

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Brief Hiatus

Sorry for my lack of updates–I have been both busy and singularly uninspired and didn’t want to write increasingly poor filler posts just to keep updating.  I will return as election season heats up

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Hey, Did This Guy Comment at Roissy? Harvard HBD Enthusiast Leaves 1900 Page Suicide Note Online, Shoots Self

 From HuffPo The man who took his own life on Harvard’s campus Saturday left a 1,904-page suicide note online. According to the Harvard Crimson, Mitchell Heisman wrote “Suicide Note,” posted at, while living in an apartment near the school. The … Continue reading

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