Implacable Enemies: Why Blacks Must Read “The Canon”

However unpalatable it might be to our sense of racial pride, we as black people need to read the dead white men with alacrity. If nothing else, the canon will help us understand why, even to this day, the annals of human history are callously besmirched with the blood of so many dead black men. As the African-American scholar Dr. Molefi Kete Asante has said, “It is not enough to know. One must act to humanise the world.”

It is more clear every day that there is no assuaging this poisonous snake we have harbored to our bosom.  No possibility they will grasp it is NOT the words of the “Dead White Men” that ENSLAVED them, but that FREED them and ALL peoples of the West from the prospect of Feudalism and chattel slavery. 

How much can you reach out to a group that is OPENLY intransigent and tells you every day there can in fact be no peace?  What is it they want?  Do they want us to hand over the US to them and leave?  Just once I would like a black person to tell me what would satisfy them–what would finally bring it all to an end.  You’ll never hear it though–because they don’t want it to end, they need to nurse their grievances forever in order to extort racial spoils from a White populace that will feel increasingly alienated from the Black experience of oppression.   Does anyone think the generation who’s first presidential vote was cast for OBAMA is going to feel guilty about Blacks?  Even WORSE for them will be the coming Hispanic power.  Hispanics don’t have one iota of guilt for the Black experience and will devote their tenure in power to bending the racial spoils system to their benefit, leaving the now marginalized and uncared about Blacks out in the cold.  Hopefully I won’t be watching it from Hong Kong.

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Weekend Boredom Reading: Thomas Sowell on America in Decline, an Interview

America In Decline, Sowell Says, Citing Spending And Int’l Policy


Early in his administration, President Reagan confidently asserted that “America’s best days lie ahead.” At the time it was true, but noted economist Thomas Sowell thinks it’s no longer the case.

In his new book, “Dismantling America,” Sowell argues that this nation is becoming one that many Americans no longer recognize as the country they grew up in or expected to pass on to their children and grandchildren. Rather, like Rome, America may be entering a prolonged period of decline.

Sowell sat down with IBD recently to discuss the political, social and economic forces that are leading to this decline and what, if anything, can reverse it.

IBD: What are the markers of national decline? What characteristics are different from a few decades ago that if they don’t improve will lead to this country falling apart?

Sowell: One of the most serious current signs is the governing style of this administration, which is to impose as many things as possible on the public from the top down, without even letting them know what’s going on.

Huge bills that fundamentally change the way the economy op erates have been rushed through Congress without hearings, without debate, and so fast that not even the members of Congress have a chance to read them. That’s circumventing the notion of a constitutional government, and that’s really at the heart of what the country is. The only analogy I can think of from history is when the Norman conquerors of England published their laws in French for an English-speaking nation. The utter arrogance — you’re not even to know what the laws are until it is too late.

Reckless spending is another. The deficit and the national debt, as a percentage of GNP, is higher now than it was during any time except World War II. Moreover, once World War II was over we stopped the spending and started paying off the existing debt. We’re going in exactly the opposite direction.

Of course, the one that trumps them all is on the international scene. That’s where Iran is moving toward nuclear weapons. I’m just staggered at how little attention is being paid to that compared to frivolous things. If a nation with a record of sponsoring international terrorism gets nuclear weapons, that changes everything and it changes it forever.

Someday historians may wonder what were we thinking about when you look at the imbalance of power between the U.S. and Iran, and we sat there with folded hands and watched this happen, going through just enough motions at the United Nations to lull the public to sleep. That, I think, is the biggest threat.     Read the rest…

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My Netflix Reviews: “The Hurt Locker” and “The Road”–Contains Spoilers and Unwholesome Levels of Vitriol

[note: These were cut-and-pasted directly from Netflix and are unedited–the spelling, punctuation and grammar errors have been left intact to preserve the white-hot rage in which these reviews were written]

The Hurt Locker

    SPOILERS this is the worst war movie ive ever seen. blah, boring, pilled up, beat, lugubrious, lachrymose garbage with ZEROOOO CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT–who CARED about ONE person in this movie? oh no the enemy kid who offered to sell the protagonist donkey porn died, oh i am so sad now, i am crying. and the awesome black guy i was supposed to care about for no apparent reason actual SAID OUT LOUD to a squad mate they should f*ckin’ KILL HIM BY ACCIDENT and now look they are friends and I care–NOT. i was hoping that traitor would get killed through the whole movie but noooooooooooo, gotta have the numinous negro to show everyone the light i’m surprised there wasn’t a kickass female soldier in the squad with him to tell him how wrong and bad he was and be all awesome this was ten pounds of garbage in a five pound bag here’s a list of movies that DIDN’T WIN BEST PICTURE: full metal jacket apocalypse now black hawkdown three kings LOLOLOLOL another GIANT F*CK YOU from Hollywood

The Road

    This is the worst seriously intended film I’ve ever seen. no intellectual content, no meaning, information, life lessons, nothing. bleak, nihilistic, content free pointless drivel. DO NOT WATCH the characters do not act human, had no personalities or interesting histories. I didn’t care about them, wanted them to die and for the movie to start following the cannibals instead. Worthless just lets his wife wander off–he just says please don’t go. Has the author/screenwriter ever interacted with a human male or any human? the child’s constant dread was unrealistic. He has grown up after Poxaclypse or whatever, how long would he be horrified by cannibalism and gore. we have the accounts of many children who grow up in the worst environments and privations and NONE act like this. And a family at the end takes on an extra mouth to feed and they have a DOG where are they getting food? And where’s the damned AIR coming from? Worthless not only has no survival skills AT all, he makes really bad decisions, like leaving THE WARM SAFE BOMB SHELTER STOCKED WITH FOOD oh and why don’t you let your stupid kid make more noise so the damned cannibals kind find you. Ok, you say-it’s not realistic-it’s an allegory. Really? What are the moral lessons? Survival is evil, just lie down and die? Help thieves who would let you die? there has ever been a more vivid display of the disgusting nature of christian/altruist morality in action then the scene where the guy who ROBBED THEM OF EVERYTHING is left alive because our hero, Worthlessman listens to his dumb kid every time the kid wants to hand out their precious resources to 9/10ths dead old people and CRIMINALS. i assume “keeping the fire burning” is the spirit of “civilization” or “morality”, guess what you dumb f*ckin kid–those things are LUXURIES when you are trying to survive–maybe the author should have looked up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, or consulted an actual human being before writing this drek.
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Where a Commenter Asks “What About the Jews?” and I Respond “Who Cares About the &#$%& Jews Already”

In the post  Why the Tea Party Candidate Gains in the Primaries Tell Us NOTHING About the Coming Election I briefly touched on my belief the US will break up into several different countries at some point in the near future, one of which will be a Whitopia.  A commenter responded “What is “white”? Are Jews white? Are Roma white? What if one great-grandsomething was black?”.  Do you understand the magnitude of this oddball perception of the universe? I casually mention the impending BREAKUP of the US and the ONLY thing this respondent can think of is “how will it effect the Jews?”

Oh. My. God.  Stop.  WHO CARES about tiny little outliers? Why is this obsession with how every little move we make effects some outlier stifling the West’s ability to function?  If 1,000,000 Jews ever want to do something do they EVER once stop to ask “hey, how will this effect the remaining Kwakiutl Indians of the Pacific Northwest?” no, they don’t, let alone do they ever ask how it will effect the MAJORITY population of the US. 

The US Military is becoming paralyzed over whether a miniscule number of homosexuals can openly serve, California is set to force the whole rest of the US to recognize 5 gay marriages as if that’s the MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WORLD.  10000 Christian students can’t have a moment of silent prayer in a school classroom because a Jew is there and now we have to tolerate the presence of victory mosques on what MOST people believe is hallowed ground in NYC whether YOU think it is or not, you chortling, smug, lefty academic who is so much better than the icky icky proles who care about the mosque issue that they make your delicate skin crawl.

At least with Jews this tendency was understandable at a certain point in history, before the advent of Israel.  UNDERSTANDABLE, mind you–not RIGHT.  Since they were always a minority in someone else’s country the worry that countries policies would negatively effect them and they would have absolutely no recourse was paramount.  I have a message for my fellow Jews though, WE HAVE A COUNTRY NOW! Remember?  That whole Israel thing?  You don’t like what’s happening to Jews here?  Don’t let the door hit you on the ass as you board El Al–sing a verse of Hatikva for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being Jewish, its neat.  I love the songs, the history, the languages, some of the less repellent food, the sense of self-satisfied superiority we pretend no one else can perceive and discuss secretly among ourselves–it’s great!  But I am an AMERICAN and care about AMERICA and what ITS people thinks they want and need, irrespective of my interest as a Jew.  The day I care more about the Jews than the whole of the Us I’ll be out of here so fast I’ll leave a cloud of dust and hairpins in the air like Witchypoo in a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

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Things My Husband Says to Me #7

In discussion of why public schools even still exist at all, given how poorly they are serving their purpose: “come on man, single moms need SOME place to dump their kids so they can continue to party and get laid”

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Weekend Boredom Links: News Cycle Dead, Science and Philosophy Live On

Nothing is inspiring me to write–there is an odd, choked dead feeling in the air of politics and the news cycle.  Hopefully, this is the calm before a tsunami of Congressional unseatings.  In the meantime, here’s some stuff to read!

Attenborough and Dawkins, together at last

Do Science and Religion conflict with each other? Roger Scruton on EvPsych

The Power of Paternalism

Further analysis of Environmentalism as Religion

David Gelernter on how to forestall a futue “machine rights” movement among robots

Ship of Fools: Why Transhumanism is the Best Bet to Prevent the Extinction of Civilization

Analysis of the underlying metaphysical issues of the Tea Party Movement–True? dunno, Interesting? yes

On the “hostile wife” phenomenon in Cryonics or, Women are controlling bitches even after death!

Have a Great Weekend!

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Why the Tea Party Candidate Gains in the Primaries Tell Us NOTHING About the Coming Election

…or worse yet, tells us that Republicans will lose in a year they seemed destined to retake at least the House.

While it’s very exciting to see a new generation take over an ossified, out of touch party, the nationalization of congressional elections has become annoying.  Didn’t anyone learn anything from the spectacle of conservatives flipping out because a guy with a truck and a square jaw won Kennedy’s vacant seat?  How’s that voting record doing, Mr. Brown?

The Tea Party movement is not one of the general populace, but one of disaffected CONSERVATIVES in a time when the Republican establishment has moved so far to the Left it has truly become like the 50’s democrats.  This shouldn’t surprise everyone, remember Reagan famously said “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The party left me.”  The party has increasingly become controlled by disaffected SOCIALLY conservative democrats of yore who have consistently moved our country to the left by compromising with the increasingly shrill and openly Marxist Democrats because they fundamentally agree with them on what the government should be doing, they just disagree on scale.  They have traded our entire domestic policy for getting their way on defense.  They haven’t even achieved any of the SOCIALLY conservative goals, Roe v Wade overturned yet?  Uh, no.  Good job wasting every particle of political capital a Republican was ever able to obtain on that one guys, lotta bang for your buck there.

That traditional US Conservatism LITERALLY has NOTHING to offer single women/NAMS is never addressed.  What interest do they have in individual liberty and economic freedom?  Women are naturally collectivist, conformist, altruist in general morality, possessed of low future time orientation and NAMS come from cultures that have no relationship to the Scottish Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution and Classical Liberalism.  This is why all appeals to women and NAMS from the “Right” consist of saying Republicans will do the same things for them Dems Will do but BETTER and NEVER of explaining why traditional conservative principles of individual liberty and free market economics will benefit them more in the long run.  Why were the centerpieces of George W Bush’s presidency Bigger Government, not less?  No Child Left Behind?  Prescription Drug Coverage?  His attempt to grant amnesty to millions of NAM illegals?  Wow, what a wild-eyed right-wing nut he was and he is STILL held up as some sort of conservative anti-government bugaboo by the insane Left–he was more liberal than CLINTON, for god’s sake. 

The truth is as long as single women and NAMS have the full franchise there is NO possibility of fighting creeping socialism.  They are the Welfare State’s chief beneficiaries.  The Tea Party at best may be laying the groundwork for the political foundation of the coming Midwestern Whitopia that will follow the break up of the Federal Government.

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